Can't find screenshot images in the folders on the PC

I regularly save my imaged on my PC via USB cable. For some months now I can’t find my screenshots. Earlier they were found in DCIM > Camera under the name “screenshot_date_number.png” but now there are only some from October. But there are newer ones on my phone!

Where or how can I find them?

Please follow the solution in the middle of this post:

Let us know if it worked! :slight_smile:


I didn’t have the problem that nothing is shown, only the new screenshots. I tried it nevertheless a few hours ago. Sadly that didn’t help. Now even the file explorer of the PC loads for ages, what it didn’t do before.

Anyone an idea?

Sorry, I read too fast … screenshots should usually be found in the folder Pictures > Screenshots


Oh, wow, you’re right. I’m sure I searched for “screen*” and “*.png” and stuff and didn’t find anything. I guess the first step helped.

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