Can't find my FP2 in fastboot mode on Windows 10

I have the Android SDK tools version 30.0.5-6877874 installed on my Windows 10 PC.
The command “adb devices” does list my FP2.
So I guess I have installed the correct drivers?

However, after having restarted my FP2 in fastboot mode (pressing Vol. - & Start button simultaneously) the command “fastboot devices” doesn’t show any connection being made.

I’m also able to reboot my FP2 with bootloader using the “adb reboot bootloader” command, but I cannot seem to find the correct configuration for my FP2 to connect to my PC in fastboot mode.

Any help would be appreciated!

Recently I’ve seen it quite often that adb works but fastboot doesn’t on windows 10.
The majority of users was able to fix it with the help of

That topic is about FP3 but IMHO there’s no reason to assume it can’t happen with FP2.


That was indeed the solution that I needed, Ingo!
Much obliged!


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