Can't download Telegram Images

I have a new Fairphone 3
I can’t download Telegram Images, they hold in process every time
I have connection and space in the phone. All application works perfectly
Telegram version: 8.0.0
Fairphone version: Android 10 Q (29)


How is the network bandwidth, do you experience similar issues while loading some websites, too?

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Hello @Jose_Legido Welcom to the Forum.

How did you set the permission for Telegram? Memory?

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Do you have a SD card configured as internal memory in your phone?


I have test permissions and memory, all ok.
I have a SD card configured like internal memory.
I have test in telegram in “internal memory” and in “SD card” and twice fails.

This sounds a little bit confusing, because if you configured the SD card as ‘internal’ and not ‘portable’ memory there should be no choice in telegram.

Can you show us a picture of your memory status in the settings of the phone?

The reason, why I’m asking is, that there is a bug in Android when using a SD card as an extension of the internal memory, resulting in problems like you described. Not able to store pictures for example.


Can you reformat the SD card as portable?

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I have SD like internal storage. I need to change to portable? With Whatsapp I can download images perfectly.

Excuse me for the confusion.
I have formated like portable and then like internal storage again, and now it works.
Thanks to everybody.

I’m afraid, that’s not the solution, as you will run into the same problem soon again. Please leave as portable storage to avoid more trouble in the future.


The two advantages of internal format are
a) Possible quicker processing of images and
b) More memory for apps that can not use Portable storage

Disadvantages, as referred to
a) The SD card is encrypted so you cannot move it to another phone and read the contents
b) as @Incanus has said more serious problems may arise where you have to reset the phone and then loose all your personal data/media/docs etc.

So the advice is format as portable and move Telegram/ WhatsApp images/media etc. from the main memory to the SD card frequently.

Why is it quicker? Au contraire, as a SD card is always slower in performance as the ‘real’ internal memory, it will slow down the phone.


Yes that’s what I meant, isn’t that clear? Maybe I should edit most post ?

My understanding is that the processing of an image requires room on the SSD card as a swap when processing and when the SD card is used as internal it can also be used in the processing and slow the taking of a picture to storing it notable.

I only picked this up from other topics, as user experience, I haven’t any such experience or OS workings knowledge to back it up.

Sorry, I don’t understand. You said, photo processing with a SD card formated as internal memory is quicker. But as a SD card ist slower than the built in memory of the phone, and you never know which storage space is used, because it’s all internal, the processing ist most probably slower than before.

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Using a SD card as internal memory does not exchange the internal volume.

Absolutely correct…

Yes I’ve already stated and confirmed I that.

My idea is that if pictures are stored on the SD card as portable by default it is slower than saving on the SDD card or ‘internal’ memory.

So ‘Portable’ storage may slow down camera use, hence

advantages of internal format are
a) Quicker processing of images

which seems to provoke some confusion

The crucial part of the sentence, was the one, you didn’t wrote:

compared to storing the pictures directly on the portable memory.

But only possibly, because if you format as internal, you never know whether the picture is stored on the SSD or the SD. If you use the SD as portable and choose to store the pictures internally, it’s always SSD and therefore fast.


Some of us (including myself) understood that you were trying to declare advantages and disadvantages of using a SD card as internal format, which basically features a slow memory extension.

So let me put this right for everyone:

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Yes this what I meant if the SD card is formatted as Internal then storage maybe internal which is quicker, whereas if the default storage is portable SD then it will be the slower option.

So the advantage may only be a possibility not definitive with my comment failed to note, will edit that. :slight_smile:

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