Can't download Facebook from play store

help please. is there a reason i can’t find facebook on Play Store to download. I haven’t got FB in my list of apps. following FP instructions doesn’t help as FB doesn’t even show up in play store. i found a link online but it said my phone isn’t compatible with FB. i can download FB light but that isn’t what i need. thanks

Have you tried a third party download for example

Is your phone using the original OS? And if so, is it up to date?


yes. fp updated 5th feb

thanks for reply. unfortunately i’m not that techy and have no idea about stuff like that. hesitant to go that route. just wondered if others have had the same problem

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If you can resolve it any other way, you may want to consider.

You will have to set up Developer options and allow third party apps, then download > go to where you saved the [some Download folder] and click on it.

The same process for any manually installed app.

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Is it just Facebook or also other apps and/or updates like here: Playstore downloads and updates not working (unfortunately it doesn’t have a solution yet)?

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just facebook. all other apps are fine and facebook light is fine. i need full leaded facebook though as i admin a few groups.

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If you are logged in with your Google account on a PC, you can open the PlayStore there and see if you can assign the app to your phone.

oh, do you know how i would do that please. not very techy

Just open the following link (you can even try it on your phone and see if it works that way):

The rest should be self-explaining. If it doesn’t let you install the app, maybe you will get further information at least. I haven’t used the PlayStore for a while, maybe someone else can describe it better.

Facebook - Apps on Google Play

thanks so much. i’ll have a go, appreciate your taking the time to help, thank you

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