Playstore downloads and updates not working

I’ve had a problem last few months where I couldn’t update apps, which locked me out of a few of them. I also couldn’t download any new ones. All via the Google Play Store.

I’ve tried many solutions, but my most recent one has all but bricked my phone. I was allowed to download a select few apps - browser and such - but mostly, I have nothing. Any solutions?

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This sounds rather strange, we’ll probably need more info to solve the problem.

Could you post the values you see for the following settings:

  • Settings > About phone > Build number
  • Settings > Security > Device admin apps

Have you experienced any problems with your Google account?

You might also like to briefly describe the solutions you’ve tried unsuccessfully, this will save time for everyone and may provide us with incidental information.

I’ve tried restarts, reloging my account, mobile data, WiFi, cancelling and restarting downloads. Anything I could find, really.

Second image because I’m new to the forums

Thanks for the info.

I think the first thing to do is to clear the Play Store app cache.

Go to Settings > Apps and notifications > See all apps > Google Play Store > Storage and cache > Clear cache

After that, reboot the phone and then attempt updating your apps.

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No luck. Didn’t work, unfortunately.

I get the same problem of them being stuck on “pending” and then showing an error.

Does your phone have a SD (memory) card and if so, which option did you choose for the way it’s used (internal expansion or as portable)?
Settings > Storage

Is your Wi-Fi connection good?

Have you tried doing the updates one app at a time?

Nope, no SD card. And my WiFi signal is good too - I can do other things on it. And yes, I have tried one at a time.

Have to think a bit more then. In the mean time, make sure your phone is properly backed up, it may end up with a reset. No big deal if the backup is OK.

Do you remember having disabled any Google services?

Were you concerned by the bug that forced the phone to reboot all the time ?

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Maybe this can help. If not, then i tried at least:Fix problems downloading apps from the Play Store - Google Play Help

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That’s a good list of stuff to check. Hopefully vimoradi will avoid having to do a factory reset.

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Unfortunately, I already have done a Factory Reset. I thought I mentioned it in my original post, but I guess I forgot.

I’ve also tried everything else on that list.

It’s not the option you want but it’s an option: Install Aurora Store and then update your apps with that instead. Should work!

Yes it would have been helpful to mention that you’d already done a factory reset :wink:

As far as I can see there remain two possible sources for the problem: an error with the OS software itself (including Play Store software), or a hardware problem.

  • Do you remember a particular event some months ago (from your own indications) after which you started to experience these problems and which might be the cause? Physical damage? An OS update that went badly?
  • Have you been in touch with Fairphone official support over this?
  • Is the phone still under guarantee (bought less than 2 years ago)? If so it’s really important to #contactsupport immediately, to benefit from that.
  • Have you seen any other malfunctions that might be due to faulty hardware (lost or damaged files for instance)?
  • In the event of damaged OS have you any experience with ADB?

I would also recommend enlisting help on this, either from a local #fairphoneangel if there’s one near you, or else you might find a good repair shop or send the phone in for a repair estimate (if no longer under guarantee).


Hi @vimoradi,

I am experiencing this too for a couple of weeks now. I did have the issue for longer but deleteing the cache of the Play Store used to work but it does not work anymore. Did you find a solution ?

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