Can't create groups in Whatsapp

As the topic says, I can’t create groups in Whatsapp. I can type in a groupname but whenever I add contacts, they don’t appear in the list of groupmembers. Same problem with the grouppicture.
Privacy Impact was turned off. Turning it on and off again didn’t change the behaviour. So did clearing the cache or rebooting the FP2.
Any ideas?

Many thanks!

Did you also open the app again while privacy impact was turned on?

You have to turn it on and keep it on.

Difficult to say, which settings is on. The setting on my phone is “PopUp Datenschutzfolgen ausschalten” is ticked on. This setting is necessary for other apps like “DB Navigator” or “Here maps”.
So since “turn off” (ausschalten) is turned on. The privacy impact is in my understanding turned off. (a little bit complicated)

Please try Here Maps & DB Navigator again with Privacy Impact enabled (“turn off” UNticked). The workaround for the known bug is to reenable Privacy Impact. If you really have apps that need Privacy Impact disabled, that would be a different, new (aspect to the) bug.

@Lidwien told me that for her it was sometimes really necessary to REenable PI, so if you install a new app that is affected by the bug, leaving PI enabled may not be enough, so you have to disable and reenable.

Thank you so much. It worked. Yesterday I tried turning off and on the PI with no effect (except that once the FP2 crached, so I had to remove the battery). But now it worked fine!!!

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