Can't control when flash is active or not in default camera

Hi there!
Whenever i use my camera in daylight, the flash never comes on, even if i ask it to. And the same goes for when I’m in a darker environment; the flash is always active, even if it isn’t supposed to be. Don’t know what to do to fix it

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Hi Emilie,

you can control the flash behavior via the little flash icon in the upper menu bar of the camera app. It has three options: Always fire, never fire, automatically (= depending on the light situation). For me, it works just as advertised with both the stock camera app and Open Camera.

I always turn of smartphone flashes generally, btw. They just do not reach far enough and therefore worsen the image pretty much all of the time. I only use the extra light when scanning documents with my health insurance app occasionally.

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This issue was already discussed in there: Problems with the flash in default Camera app.

Hi! thank you for your reply! I guess i wasn’t clear enough. My issue is that even when i try to control the flash behaviour in the upper menu bar, it still only flashes when it’s dark and never does it when it’s light.