Can't connect to front camera

i replaced my my top module in a FP3. But now my camera app doesn’t recognize, can’t connect to, the front camera.
My FP3 is running the latest /e/ system software.

Anyone an idea how i get the front camera working again?

There’s sometimes a bit of confusion about this, because /e/ version numbers don’t correlate to Android versions.
The same /e/ version on a Fairphone 3 can currently be based on Android 9 or on Android 10.

In case you changed the module to the improved module version …

  • The new camera modules need Android 10.
  • Does Settings - About phone - Android version give you Android 9 or 10?
  • In case of Android 9, you would need to upgrade manually (currently) …

In case of just a swap of the old module version and in case of Android 10, please check that the camera connector connects properly … Be careful with the connectors when replacing a module.


Thanks @AnotherElk! I’ve checked the android version and it’s 9. I presume that /e/ will come with an android 10 update sooner or later. The manually upgrade is to techie for me to be honest…
Although a pity that it wasn’t mentioned at the top module page on the fairphone site.

Later, as far as /e/ is concerned.

Even though there is an official partnership with the e foundation, Fairphone only support the phone with Fairphone OS on it. The e foundation has to take care of the /e/ side of things.

The Fairphone 3+ is being shipped with Android 10 from the start, and this is the current supported version of Fairphone OS on the Fairphone 3, too. So from a pure Fairphone perspective there’s not much need to mention this.

But of course I agree it would be nice if they’d mention it, with users not always being up-to-date, and with /e/ in a bit of Android 9/10 limbo until they can offer an OTA upgrade instead of a manual installation only.

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@AnotherElk thanks for the clarification!

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