Can't connect to computer

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I updated my phone to 18.09.2

Since I updated my phone, I can’t connect it to my computer. It loads, but the file transfer doesn’t work. The computer says it can’t connect to the phone and while I chose file transfer on my phone I always get the error android.process.media stopped. Computer OS is KDE neon,


Same here, since Update to 18.09.2 FP2 shows always this error:
Tried on different computers; diff. Windows; diff. cables; …
All it allows is to cancel, no other option.


Same for me, PC running Ubuntu Studio 18.10, FP2 message “Le processus android.process.media a cess…” since Fairephone OS 18.09.2 update. :rage:

When pluggin a headset, I also have a “Gestion des appels / Headset / Headset is plugged in.” notification that I cannot delete ! :slightly_frowning_face:

DO NOT UPDATE FAIRPHONE 2 to 18.09.2 !!!

How can I roolback ?


This looks like a bug tracker issue #43, which it appears Fairphone is having trouble figuring out as it seems difficult to reproduce. If anyone has information that might be useful for Fairphone to figure out when this issue occurs, please add it there (or here, and I’ll link it).


Hey I just tried a solution proposed in another post. Clear data of the system app “Media Storage”. It worked for me.

Settings > Apps,

then click on the dots top right to Show system apps

Then Media Storage > Storage > clear Data


that last one worked for me too, FP forums FTW!


I don’t even get an error message. The phone just isn’t recognized by the computer (tried with two computers, it shows “unknown device”) and I don’t get any message on the phone to confirm connection. It is also not possible to install a new driver.
It always worked before the Android update.
Please help!


@Annaelle your hint was perfect & works fine for me, thanks so much. so good to have this forum!
@MHMH sorry it doesn’t work for you! i suggest you try it once more after “purging” that media storage app as @Annaelle suggested. and be sure you use a cable that worked before. for me, it took a while to re-install FP2 on my windows10 laptop…

update: i do get the connection, also repeatedly, but it isn’t stable, that is, it shuts down after a few minutes (= switches to charging mode). also, i have to always purge the media storage app before trying the file transfer. most annoying: FP2 shows up in my file manager but ‘internal storage’ and ‘SD card’ are both empty (which they’re not of course). like the others here i observed this issue after the september update (file transfer worked fine with the former android version).

summary: @Annaelle 's solution works for getting the connection but file transfer doesn’t work because the connection remains unstable. help?


Sorry it’s not stable… Did you find a solution ?

I had the same issue and when trying on another computer it worked well… I don’t know what changes between the two computers :s

Now, it’s working well with both computers. When i plu the FP2, I have to unclearble notifications: one saying “USB debugging connected”, which leads you to the developper options when tapped, and one saying “USB for file transfer” (or “USB charging this device”, or whatever option I chose).


It worked fine for me too, but I had to do it a couple of times and I also Clear the data of the External Storage App, in the same way as the Media Storage. I don´t know if it is necessary or not, but I have restarted the phone as well.