Can't change notification sounds from "default notification sound" to "none"

I can’t mute single notification sounds, e.g. for the cast notification of the Google play services.

Want to mute some notifications without putting them to “silent” (almost disabling them).

I tried the following:
Long press on notification → gear icon → tap on notification → advanced → sound → select “none”

When I select “none” and hit OK the “default notification sound” is selected again.

And this is not, how it should work.

Does anyone else have this problem?

Record a silent time, save it as silent and use it for your needs.

I had the same idea, but that’s only a work around and not really clean solution.

Think in terms of 0’s and 1’s. If an app can’t find a 0 or 1 but needs it to work, it sets itself a 0 or 1.
This is a clean solution.

So you try to set per notification? Did you try to go through settings-sounds-advanced-notifications?

Maybe this thread can help, although reg ringtone


thanks for the tip with en/disabling of do not disturb, unfortunately it didn’t helpt :slight_smile:

Yes, I try to mute individual notificitations, I can change individual notifications to another notification sound, e.g. to Adara, but when I select “none”, the phone sets again the default notification sound.

I don’t find “notifications” when I look in “settings → sound → advanced”

nothing like “standard notification tone”? I have a FP with LOS 18.1 Android 11 so it might be slightly different. Not sure if this would overwrite individual settings

Of course I can set the default notificiation sound for all notifications, but I can’t set a sound per notificitaion in this menu:

yes that is what I meant, probably this overall setting overwrites your attempt to set individual sound. When you change to none, which is then set by system? The ICQ one shown in your screenshot, or any other? Can you not when swiping the notification slightly to the right or left, till you see the gear icon of the notification, click on the gear icon and select “soundless”? Testet this with Whatsapp and seems to be working for me on the FP2.

Yes, I can set the overall notification sound to none, it’s working, but that’s no real solution.

Of course I can change the settings for an individual notification to “none” (“soundless”), but it simply has got no effect.

I made a short video:

In the video I’m opening the notification settings (0:14), enter the sound settings and switch from “None” to “Adara”, to prove that this works. After that i switch back to “none” and the setting is back to “Default notification sound”.

so try instead of going to the gear icon settings to just select under “default” the “silent” option (I translated silent to loudless, maybe this was confusing)

Edit: add screenshot

Of course I can set the notification to silent, but then it won’t be visible in the notification bar.

Long story short: This is a bug, and there are workarounds, but which are only workarounds.

I’ll look into filing a bug report.

I just got a FP4 today and have exactly the same problem.

The workaround using a silent mp3 as ringtone have got a side effect:

When the phone is set to vibration mode, all notifications which have got usually a notificiation sound are vibrating, so also the ones with the silent mp3.
It doesn’t matter if vibration is in notification settings turned on or off.

The new update can set it to “No sound”, just in case this wasn’t noticed (yet).


Thanks for the information regarding the update :slight_smile:

Do you mean the setting “None”? This was there before, and unfortunately the update changed nothing on the behaviour of my phone.

Strange, it works as expected on my phone. When selecting None, no sound is heard, just vibration. No DND or sound profile set. When setting a notification sound again I hear the sound + vibration.

We are talking about changing the notification sound for specific apps here, changing it globally already works.

Here’s the problem…

…setting it to None will change it to Default, there’s an option missing.

I made some screenshots of how it’s supposed to look (in german):


Ah! Now I understand. That’s indeed set to “default” as well when set to “none”.

It seems as if the last update fixed this issue for me.