Cannot send images through WhatsApp anymore after software update


Since I installed the Fairphone 2 update last week, I cannot send pictures as attachment anymore in WhatsApp… Used to work perfectly before. When I select the picture as usual and press “send” nothing happens and the screen goes back to the picture itlsef…

It works however if I take the picture in WhatsApp, through the camera icon, and send it immediately…

Also, why is there no GALLERY in the Apps list?

The only way to access Gallery pictures is through “Photos”, is this normal?

Thanks a lot for your help!!

I would suggest to try to disable and reenable the privacy impact.
settings --> sounds & notifications --> privacy impact

see also:

Me again… Found the solution by unchecking the privacy impact box in Settings/Sounds and Notification… Thanks to another Forum post! :slight_smile:
Now it works fine!

Still interested in answer about Gallery access/app, though…

Yes, this is normal. You can, however, install your own Gallery-App, I have A+ Gallery.

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