Cannot read USB flash drive contents on USB-OTG port with Fairphone 2 Open OS


I’m using the Fairphone2 Open OS.

Since the topic proves to be definitely centered around Fairphone2 Android OS v1.2.8, I start this topic for the Open OS only.

The problem and questions remain the same, though:

  • The USB port and adapter cable work: USB mouse tested.
  • USB-OTG works: mount -t vfat /dev/block/sda1 /storage/usbotg lets Amaze show the files (although with a wrong encoding of latin characters), however I cannot umount after that…

But USB drive automatic detection and mount, as well as GUI “eject/un-mount”, seem absent.


  • Is this a bug (a regression to be fixed), or a “feature” where Lollipop differs from JellyBeans?
  • Has Fairphone Support Team acknowledged this issue or not?
  • Will this issue be fixed or not? When?

Also please note that while the Mountie app does somewhat help, it seems to only work if I 1º launch the Mountie app, 2º exit the Mountie app, and 3º swipe off-screen the Mountie app (!!) in the task-list (bottom-right square “button”), each time I have inserted an USB flash drive! At least that’s the only way I can see my files so far…

Many thanks for providing a rooted Google-free OS! And thanks in advance for any help on this disturbing issue.


Please continue here:

I moved that topic to #fairphone2help and renamed it to not give the impression that it is just about #software:fp2-android-5-1. The issue concerns both OS versions.