I don't understand actions by the moderators

I’ve been a happy Fairphone1 user since it first shipped, and all went well all this time. I just switched to Fairphone2, with the Open OS in order to retain root and avoid Google apps.

The switch is painful. I still miss features I used to enjoy, and I’m counting on the forums to help me close the gap. Alas, I’m not alone: I see that many people are frustrated with this new OS, and frustrated with Fairphone’s apparent lack of (or slow) answers.

Now to the point.
Some moderation actions hinder my need of help. I’m sure there’s no bad intent behind these actions; maybe they were done without looking at the finer details. Or maybe it’s done on purpose, in which case I want to understand how these forums work. Because as things stand, these actions just worsen the already difficult task of switching from FP1 to FP2…

So, let me list the actions I do not understand.

My first post is about an issue with USB-OTG, posted in “F2 Help”. It got merged to “Software: FP2 Android 5.1”.
I thought “ok, why not…” and I waited for the next day: 1/ the previous posts are only about FP2OS 1.2.8 (the topic), and 2/ my post was completely ignored.
No wonder! My post is off-topic in this place!

Today, I created 5 topics, for 5 different issues I still have (and I have yet others…).

One of these is again about USB. This time, I created the topic in “Software: FP Open OS”, which is IMHO the right place, and I put “Fairphone 2 Open-Source OS” in the title, and I took extra care to mention in bold that this topic was for the Open OS only. And yet it got moved within 20 minutes to this same topic about FP2OS 1.2.8! One more off-topic post :frowning:

Another topic I created is about GPS. I explain that GPS works but I can’t know if it is on or off, nor do I know how to switch it on or off. This topic got moved to “GPS doesn´t work (FPOOS installed)”. Off-topic again.

What is it that I’m missing? Please explain. I’m very frustrated right now with the forums, and doing my best just now to handle this reasonably…


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Oh, I’m sorry, it was me who thought your posts would fit better inside these other topics, since we don’t want to have several threads about the same or very similar issues.
Now I have to learn how to take these changes back… :sweat:


Just opened your original topics again.


Thank you Irina :slight_smile: No harm done. It’s just that I was lost; I did not understand the rules anymore… But errors can happen to anyone :wink:
And thank you for the time you give to the Fairphone community!


Hey @tYYGH
I’m sorry for the confusion and I’m giving you a heads up: we may merge some of your posts back into the other (#software:fp2-android-5-1 or #fairphone2help) topics as FP OS and FP Open OS are not that different (besides one has Google Apps preinstalled and one has TWRP). If the same issue appears on both OS versions that it makes sense to put them in the same topic as root cause, workarounds and solutions will probably be the same too, but of course you are right, they should not have an OS specific title (which we can edit).


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