Cannot read data from SD card formatted as internal storage anymore

I have a Fairphone 4 with Android 13 as an OS. When I bought the phone last year I added my SD Card and formatted it as internal storage so all my pictures and downloads are saved on the SD Card. This worked fine until last week, where multiple problems occurred:

  • I cannot take any pictures or download anything. Pictures I try to take appear all grey in Google Photos and if I try to open them though the data app, I get “File not found”. It seems like I cannot write anything on the SD Card even though I still have lots of free storage. I also could not copy my pictures to another folder.
  • since last week my phone often crashes and restarts (for instance when I open the settings app)
    I also tried removing my SD Card, but as it is set as my internal storage I still could not take any pictures.
    I would really appreciate help on how to either fix my SD Card connection or advice on how to set the internal storage from my SD card to my phone.
    Thank a lot!

Hi and welcome to the community forum.

Unfortunately it’s not generally advisable to format SD cards as an extension of internal storage, it’s best to leave them as portable storage. See the Forum guide to using SD cards. Please read it before doing anything else, so that you have a general understanding. I would also recommend informing official support of your problem (see contactsupport ). They may have more recent information and it’s important that they should know of these incidents.

You first need to get that SD card working again as internal storage if possible, so that you can salvage as much data as possible, and then re-format as portable. I would recommend the following steps to begin with:

  • Turn off the phone (and don’t turn it on again until the card is back in its place).
  • Remove the SD card.
  • Clean the card contacts with a cotton bud soaked in surgical alcohol or isopropanol and leave to dry overnight.
  • Place de card back in its slot and make sure it’s properly seated before putting in the battery.
  • Turn the phone on again and see if the card is accessible again. If so, move data from the card back into phone storage.

Once data have been salvaged,

  • Format the card as portable storage.
  • Get advice on setting up a simple and reliable backup method for your data.

Dear OldRoutard,
thanks for your reply, I solved my problem. The SD Card was working as I could see the pictures on my phone but I could not take any more pictures. I copied my pictures to a PC.
Reformatting of my SD card (as mobile storage) somehow didn’t work so I just took out the SD Card. A the moment I don’t need any additional storage. I then copied the pictures back to the phone and now everything seems to work again :slight_smile: Thanks! Anne


Great you could save your data/pictures!

Probably reformatting didn’t work as your SD card has a defect (which also mainly caused your problems)…

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