Cannot connect second previously paired device after a few minutes

How to reproduce:

  1. Pair your phone/laptop.
  2. Pair a second device.
  3. Disable Bluetooth on one of the devices.
  4. Reboot your XL. The XL will connect to the one device with Bluetooth still on.
  5. After 10-30 minutes, turn on Bluetooth on the second device. It does not auto-connect.
  6. Try to force connect the second device by selecting the XL in the Bluetooth menu of previously paired devices, this fails.
  7. Reboot the XL, then it will connect to both devices.

I reported the issue and it was forwarded to the product team.

I’m not sure if it’s the exact same issue, but I have the feeling that it is strongly related.

My Observations:

  1. Pair with 2 BT sources.
  2. Turn on headphones while in range of both - they should both auto-connect.
  3. Disable one of the sources or walk out of range - you’ll hear the disconnect event being announced by the headphones.
  4. Either stay out of range or keep BT disabled for some time - 10 to 30 minutes seem like the reasonable interval for this to happen. Important: If you come back into range or turn BT back on right away, this problem won’t happen and reconnect will work!
  5. Come back into range or turn BT back on.
  6. Auto-connect will not work and I cannot manually connect to the headphones either. It will simply time out. Only a restart of the headphones will make them connect again.
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