Cannot connect phone with pc, only charging possible

I can’t connect it to my computer. It loads, but the file transfer doesn’t work. The computer doesn’t show any response or reaction, the phone lets me choose between

  • charing only
  • transfer files
  • transfer photos
  • use device as MIDI.

OS: Debian GNU/Linux 10 (buster); Fairphone Open 19.5.2

Plugging my phone into my pc charges the phone (and the ‘easter egg sign’ [”N“] appears) although I selected to automatically choose file transfer as first option after a “USB plug-in” (somewhere in the setting).
I can also choose to use the phone for file transfer, charging, …
But when I choose an option, there’s no reaction. Neither by the phone nor by the pc: I don’t get an error message, neither the device shows up in a system browser nor I can find it with CLI (command-line interface).

After a reboot, enabling debugging mode made my phone react to being plugged in to my pc again…
May this issue be related to some disabled apps/system processes (settings > apps > upper right corner: three dots > show system processes > a process of choice > deactivate / force termination / data usage / permissions/rights)?

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