Cannot Change Colour Palette on Android 13

I’ve just migrated from Pixel 3a to FP5. However there doesn’t seem to be anyway to change the colour palette on my phone, and so it is stuck on the purple-ish colour I’d been using on my Pixel. Any idea how to change it? I’ve tried changing wallpapers but the colour palette doesn’t update.


No colour options where I’d expect them to be.


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Have you tried if a reboot in between changing wallpapers makes a difference?

Reboot doesn’t do anything. Want to avoid factory reset if possible considering I just spent a while setting everything up.

When Fairphone upgraded the Fairphone 3 to Android 13, “Material You” which includes the individual hue for buttons etc. was first inevitably linked to the main colours of the wallpaper (or individual wallpaper photos). Fairphone introduced “Basic colours” as an alternative option with a later smaller update only. Now if it doesn’t even reflect the wallpaper, that’s new. Let’s see if others can confirm the issue. You might want to report it to Fairphone Support at

Just one shot in the dark: There might be a system app for this, and perhaps empyting its cache might help. However, it might reset several other settings as well, so I don’t know if it’s worth it.

P.S.: Probably the system app is simply called “Wallpaper and style”. Seems like resetting just this app’s storage and cache might be less risky.

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Just checked and I cant find anything looking like Material You in the Settings and choosing a picture with sky and trees gives me an ugly brownish colour…
The colours are connected to the lock screen wallpaper btw…

Edit: not the lock screen wallpaper causes the colouring, the last wallpaper set if different are used for lock an homescreen

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I can not find it either. So it’s not changeable.

But I find the app Wallpaper and style if I search in Settings. The app is 0B big. I’m okay with this color for now. But maybe you’re not, @znicho? Can you send a support request to change this?

Yes, same here. Other Android 13 screenshots show a list of color options derived from the chosen wallpapers on that screen, but that’s missing on the Fairphone.

The colour is fine, but I’m a bit bored of it since I’ve used it a while. With a new phone I’d hoped for a new theme as well to make it feel like a new phone. It also doesn’t match the phone exterior anymore. I’ll put a support ticket in.

There seems to be no link between wallpaper and colour for me. It’s simply stuck on what it was on my previous phone when I migrated.

So maybe you migrated some setting from your old phone which you cant influence now…

@znicho are you sure it doesn’t work? I’m asking because I was also unhappy with the palette (but happy with my background). I changed the background to something with completely different colours, and my palette definitely changed along (green). I put the original background back and now the palette is back to the same sh*tty brown. It seems that if I want this background, I’ll have to live with the brown palette :wink: but it also seems to work as designed (I changed my background like this: Settings > Wallpaper > Wallpaper & style > change wallpaper > Wallpapers (with the palette icon) > Earth > (I took the first one, a space view with lots of black). This turned my palette in something brownish)

EDIT - nevertheless I agree it would be nice to be able to choose the palette among the colours of the wallpaper, like we could on FP3 (wallpaper colors/basic colors).


Followed the exact same steps. Still purple!

Have you restored a back-up from your Pixel, if

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By the way, is it normal to have only one wallpaper by default ? I am surprised since there were several coming from Fairphone on the FP3.

P.S. : I am surprised to see how different two version of Android 13 can be on different phones made by Fairphone.

Just unpacked my new FP5 and also stumbled over this issue.
Why isn’t this feature available? Any news on it?
Or are there any workarounds?

Maybe… if your current phone have possibility of setting accent color, and you on FP5 in First Run Wizard set importing all/config from it, then on FP5 be set same accent color.

But not know what happen if you in FP5 after change wallpaper, i change only lockscreen wallpaper and accent color keep :slight_smile:

BTW: i transfer from “Motorola Moto G Pro” (with Android 12), where not accent color in system setting, but in custom Motorola app for customising appearance, moto gestures, etc…

For now I’ve “solved” the issue by installing “Repainter” by kdrag0n.

As far as I understand, I should be able to change the theme color from a selection within the “Wallpaper & style” section under settings (as per this article). When I open this section, there are however no more options available, only the ability to change the background and lockscreen image. Is this a bug or is the ability to change theme colors not available on the Fairphone 5? It is working on my Pixel 3a, so I don’t think its an issue with the Android version.

Moved your post here as its a known bug.