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I’m coming to Canada in september this year and I heard that the Fairphone doesn’t match well with the providers available in Canada. Can someone tell me what provider is compatible with a Fairphone 3, so I can use internet and make phonecalls?
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Check out my earlier post above. I had no issues last summer with FP3 as well as FP4:


Thank you for this reply, this helps!


I haven’t had any notable issues using my FP4 while living in Canada. The bulk of the North American issues are in the US.

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Hi Everyone. I am moving from Europe to Québec at the end of the month. I have a FP3+ (which I love) and I am bringing it with me. Do you have any tips for me? Can I keep my Android OS or do I absolutely have to change it? I’d like to change as few things as I can on the phone if possible. Any pointer you can share would be most appreciated.

Almost all of them. My FP3 works on Eastlink, Koodo, Telus, Bell.

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Just check the recent posts in this thread. There are plenty of reports. Generally I’d say you should not worry about it. Things seem to generally work over there as far as we know.

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The biggest issue with Fairphone in Canada is that you will get absolutely no help from the company if you need parts. You will have to find a 3rd party supplier in Europe.

I am sure that it has to do with liability, warranty etc.
But as Murena is now selling the Fairphone 4 in America, perhaps there is hope for Canada.

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I am not going to second guess FairPhone’s business policy.
My FP3 functions and does way more than I need from a phone. I’ll probablly keep it until it dies, e/OS or FP stops providing software upgrades for it or the 4G network shuts down. what ever is fatal. Then I’ll decide which Google free route i’ll take.

Hi everyone, I’m considering selling my FP4 if I can find any takers in Vancouver (don’t worry, I’m not leaving the FP community). I bought it from Clove Technology 14 months ago. It’s the 256GB + 8GB RAM model in Grey. Comes with a grey case and two privacy screen protectors (one already installed and one spare). Please let me know if you’re interested!

It is customary here on the forum to post a picture showing the phone with today’s date on the screen if you want to sell it.

Hi Canadian Fairphoners!

I’m retiring my Fairphone 3+ due to the battery running out of life. It has served me well for the past 4 years.

I’m not entirely sure if this is the correct place to post this, but I’m hoping to sell it to the community so that others will find the parts useful. It has all the parts of the original Fairphone 3 plus the top/back camera+ modules, minus the battery (which I’m disposing of responsibly). I’m based in Vancouver, Canada. Please message me privately if you’re interested :slight_smile:


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You might want to duplicate your ad to this category: Offer - Fairphone Community Forum (I’d definitely recommend to mention Canada in the ad title then). Ideally, you could then just leave a link to that new ad from here, too.

And sooner or later others might bring this up as well, so I’ll mention right away that dealers like vireo.de ship Fairphones overseas (from Europe), they might ship a battery, too – anyone interested might want to ask them (as batteries are harder to ship) at kundenservice@vireo.de.
(To others: I did check clove.co.uk as well, but apparently they do not stock FP3 batterries right now.)

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Thank you for the reply @urs_lesse. I’ll copy the post over to that category.

Re: battery, I did look into that (vireo.de was the reseller I used in the first place) but they don’t ship batteries alone as far as I can tell (I think there’s something in EU regulations that prevent shipment of Lithium-Ion batteries).


It looks like they only ship to Belgien and Gremany. Email them and ask.
I did find this in this forum Fairphone 4 battery

The regulations for shipping batteries are a bit silly sometimes. It’s often easier to ship a whole phone (including battery). It might be easiest to ship batteries through a reshipper that supports batteries, though that’ll be expensive.