🏒 Canadian Fairphoners! 🇨🇦

Live in MTL as well, and my FP2 works well with Bell

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looks like clove is backorder now (“currently unavailable”), but vireo seems to have it available, but don’t offer Canada in the drop down, even though they offer countries outside of Europe like China, Costa Rica and Burundi (and that’s just those around where “Canada” should be in the list)…

any other ideas of where i can get a FP3?

Have you checked in the K section of the drop down? “Kanada” instead of “Canada”.


Ha! Didn’t realize the Germans spelled it differently - it’s there, thanks!

Anyone has experience with vireo?

I just can reflect what has been posted in this forum by other users.
And there were no complaints so far; except the fact, that it is (way?) more expensive when ordering from overseas.
European customers seem to have been satisfies sofar.

Hi Urs_lesse!

Do you still have that fairphone 2? I haven’t found a message where you say you gave it away (only people from Europe that wanted to get their hands on it… shhh, they can easily get parts!). I live in the province of Quebec :slight_smile:

Thanks! :smiley:

I never offered an FP2 myself, it’s @Seatofkings who did. I recommend you contact her to ask if it’s gone or not.

Hi all!

I own a Fairphone 2 for a couple of years and, sadly, my core module and bottom mic module have issues. The phone is still working but it reboots randomly (2/3 times per day) and the bottom mic has a contact issue.

It is too expansive for me to get a new one or to repair it and I would be glad to give it a second life!

So I’m selling all FP2 parts that are still working. I live in the Laurentians (1 hour of Montreal) and I can ship the parts.

Here is the list. All parts are in good condition and work properly. Shipping costs are not included:

  • Screen (1.5 year): 45$

  • Rear camera, the first version (4 years, used 2.5 year): 15$

  • Front camera, the first version (4 years, used 2.5 year): 10$

  • Rear camera, the new one (1.5 years): 25$

  • Front camera, the new one (1.5 years): 15$

  • Battery (1.5 year): 10$

  • Blue case (1.5 year): 15$

  • Complete phone with all parts: 160$

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did you end up selling any of that stuff? i might be interested… see also:

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Does anyone have a battery is still for sale? I’m in Canada and trying to get a replacement battery for my Fairphone 2. Thanks!

Hello fellow Canadian Fairphoners!

I have been using a Fairphone 1 since 2015 in Edmonton, AB.
I love it and would not have changed but have been notified by Rogers that as of Mar.31 the phone will no longer be supported as they are eliminating their 2G coverage and the phone will not work with anything beyond this.
So… 2 questions please.

1. Will the Fairphone 3+ work with Rogers in Edmonton Ab? Everything I’ve read tells me it will and can handle up to 4G.

2. Does anyone on here have a used Fairphone3+ for sale?
I am happy to buy second hand, otherwise will most likely order from Clove.

Much Thanks!

I just had an idea. Amazon Germany offers worldwide shipping for certain items. Here is a replacement battery for the FP2:


Maybe you can order it via their website.

Thanks! I will give it a go


Going by the frequencies on this page it should as band 2/4/5/7 are supported.

Thanks Albert! Much appreciated!

As it seems, at least the German online reseller vireo.de is shipping worldwide. The link has already been posted here somewhere in this long thread. And users from NZ/AUS have used this shop as well as far as I recall from this forum.


Hey Brett,
I’m located in Toronto and I’m looking to sell my Fairphone 3. BIG WARNING: I bought it in April 2020 and the display is lifting from the phone. (I’ll link to my post on the support forum). I’ve been back and forth with the support team since November, I sent them photos but they have just suggested sending it in to their return center (we’re out of service area so it’s not covered to send it back. )
Functionality isn’t terribly effected, I use a bit of electrical tape to hold it together.
If you’re up for a DIY project or okay to have a bit of tape on your phone, I’ll give you a good deal!

pm’d! Thanks for getting in touch ACE

Hey Canadian Fairphoners!
Looking to sell my Fairphone 3, If anyone is looking for parts for a DIY project I’ve got the perfect phone for you.
Asking $250CND + shipping.
Here is my post here about the issue, more photos and details by request.

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