Can the Fairphone True Wireless Stereo Earbuds be used with more than one device?


The Fairphone True Wireless Stereo Earbuds look like a nice choice for that type of earbuds.

However, in addition to using it with my Fairphone, I’d also like to use it with my laptop. Not simultaneously, but I’d like to be able to choose which device the earbuds are playing audio from.

Can this be achieved with the Fairphone True Wireless Stereo Earbuds? If so, HOW??? If not, are there other true wireless earbuds that can do this?

Thank you.

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You can do that, but you cannot switch the source from the (Fairphone TWS) earbuds themselves. You need to activate/deactive the connection device ↔ earbuds on the source device.

I have been able to make the earbuds work with all the FP1, FP2, FP3+, a (now almost 14 years old) Mac and a Windows Surface:

I now mainly use my earbuds with my FP3+, but just yesterday used them on the old Mac again (works a bit wobblier though, probably because of the old Bluetooth standard on the Mac).


Yes, sure that can be achieved. I use them with my FP as well as laptop. You need to turn off the Bluetooth of the device from which you would like to disconnect the earbuds. And sometimes putting them back to the case and again taking out.


Thank you @urs_lesse and @emre for your insights! Really glad that this is doable. Just to confirm, does this mean that the steps are:

  1. Individually use the Bluetooth pairing functions on each of my devices (like Fairphones, Windows and Mac computers, etc.) to pair with the earbuds.

  2. When I want to connect the earbuds to a specific device, I use that device to initiate the connection, and close the connection once I am done.

  3. If I want to use the earbuds with another device, repeat step 2.

  4. Sometimes I might need to explicitly switch off Bluetooth on devices that I don’t want the earbuds to connect to.

The point being, everything has to be initiated from the devices, rather than the earbuds as @urs_lesse described, right?

Follow up question: Are these steps generally true for other Bluetooth true wireless earbuds?


I cannot really say how the connections all work out once there is some sort of “conflict” between them (like music playing on two sources which both have bluetooth enabled and have previously paired with the Fairphone earbuds – however, this might actually not occur very often in reality), but basically your descriptions looks right to me. My old Mac has 4-5 bluetooth devices paired to it, so when I want to use the earbuds with it, I need to enable bluetooth on the Mac first and then choose which paired device I want to connect to. My FP3+ will instantly connect to the earbuds once I have activated bluetooth on the FP3+ and taken the earbuds out of their case.

The Fairphone earbuds are my first (and so far only) bluetooth speakers, so I do not know how others would behave. However, my guess is that they would usually work the same way.


Understood, thank you @urs_lesse! Very useful experience to learn from. I’ll keep this in mind as I consider my purchase.

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