Can not switch off anymore

Dear all - I’m a newcomer on Android, albeit very Windows proven…
I must have done something very strupid: Killed a batch download, because I actually wanted to edit the bat file (from to install the Google free version (add the file path for fastboot.exe).
Now I have the situation that Android boot stops at the display of the FAIRPHONE logo. Pressing ON (with or withoudt use of one of the volume buttons) restarts to this. Left in this mode the phone got very warm and prophylactically I opened it and removed the battery.
After about the time of this writing things have cooled down again and I put the battery back in and switch it ON:
The logo screen appears quite swiftly, nothing more happens.
Whether I useone of the volume buttons together with the ON button does not make any difference.
The screen with the large blue battery does not show up (which would indicate the power down).
The phone again warms up and hence I remove the battery again.
=> Have I completely damaged the phone?

I have found > Fairphone2 will not start up which suggests to try without battery, but plugged into mains source (in my case: USB power outlet of pc).
I this case the time between two appearnces of the logo screen is just 5 sec after plugging to the mains source. I do not need to press any button for the loop… The indicator flashes red just before the phone vibrates and then the logo screen appears.

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