Can I change the FP3 frame? (around phone, not the back)

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Within the first week of having my FP3, I already dropped it on the pavement before even getting my protective case (ouch). It now has some scratches/dents in the frame (around the phone, not the back).

Does anybody know if I can change this piece of framework? I already looked between the spareparts section on the website but can’t find it.

Thanks in advance!


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What you probably need is what Fairphone’s Repair price list calls the “rear module”:

However, I think you cannot order it directly. The prices shown there are for the full service, i.e. you would need to send in your device, Fairphone’s repair partner Cordon will check it and replace the part.


Thank you for your answer :relaxed:
I’m going to have a look at that

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I just took a look at that repair price list for the first time.

At first I was a bit surprised by the modules and that e.g. the rear module includes the fingerpring sensor.
But there is this sentence at the end:

For repairs of more than one module or only one component of a module, the price can vary due to material and labor costs.

So, you can get a broken fingerprint sensor or housing fixed on their own without changing the other part as well.
The one thing, I still marvel about, is the cover module (back cover with built in protection) at 59.90 €, while the back cover as spare part is 24.95 €.
So replacing the part plus shipping is 34.95 €.
That’s hefty, especially when compared to the rear module, that comes at only 64.90 € including NFC, fingerprint sensor and lots of screws to unscrew and tighten again. :open_mouth:
Maybe this is meant to make people change the back cover on their own. :wink:

I suppose that this is about the Core Module, not the Rear Module (see “around the phone, not the back” in Milou’s original post). Which would be far more expensive, of course.

… and the frame (around the phone, not the back) you can see in the iFixit teardown Step 9 clearly corresponds to the description of the Rear module in the repair price list (“Rear housing, NFC sensor, Fingerprint sensor, main antennas”), whereas the Core module is described as the “Motherboard” housing the SoC and some slots, which also fits to what you can see in the teardown.

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Ah, thank you for pointing this out! I never watched the iFixit teardown, I will take the opportunity to catch up, I guess.