Frame replacable?

Hey all,

I’ve got my FP3 yesterday and am very happy with it!
However, the bumper is a bit too clunky for me, so I think I will not use it.
My question ist: If I were to drop it, could I replace the “main frame” ?
I found spare parts for the back cover and the screen, but not for the part in between (the main case).

Any ideas?

Cheers, joe


What you call the “main frame” is sometimes called the “core module” (at least that’s what it is called on the FP2). It includes some of the most expensive parts in your FP3, so while Fairphone’s repair service certainly has this part as a spare part, you should be prepared that it will be very expensive. On the FP2, the core module cost approximately two thirds of a complete FP2.

So this might explain why the core module is not available directly in the spare parts shop – replacing it should be the ultimate resort only. But as I said, if it’s really beyond repair, Fairphone’s repair service certainly has this part.

If you have a look at the iFixit teardown the motherboard, which should be the core module, can be separated from the frame.

And the Fairphone 3 Repair price list and FAQ … which still includes some copy-and-pasted specs from the Fairphone 2 to be corrected, but the Fairphone 3 modules are all accounted for there already … mentions a halfway inexpensive “FP3 Rear Module” with the key components given as “Rear housing, NFC sensor, Fingerprint sensor, main antennas”.

I think this part would be it.
And comparing shop prices with the prices in this list, it would be cheaper in the shop, I guess the repair price list includes some default repair work in the part price.

As for whether this will be available in the shop … only Fairphone would know.

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My bad! :woozy_face:

My grain of salt: I would still use the “clunky” bumper, for saving me hassle WHEN the FP3 will crash on the ground!

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Thank you very much for much for the quick responses! Good to know there is a good repair service. Do you think it is possible to get parts/components that are not listed on the web page where the replacement modules are listed?

In principle I agree, but with the bumper the phone ist just a bit too large for me…

You can’t simply buy parts from the repair price list, if that’s what you mean, they are always part of a repair job.
Or perhaps you could convince Fairphone support to just send you the part for your DIY repair if you can show that this would fix an issue for you.

If Fairphone don’t adopt certain parts into the official shop, there is a slim possibility that perhaps a reseller might sell them as standalone parts, but the only example I can think of was when reseller Vireo sold the Fairphone 2 core module (which Fairphone themselves didn’t sell in their shop) for a limited period of time.
So you can’t really bet on that either.

If the part breaks you would have to contact support for now.

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I just saw, that the Swiss reseller why! open computing offered the core module as well (for 380 CHF). Fairphone and accessories are sold and shiped inside of Switzerland only.
So, just maybe, there might be more resellers offering those kinds of spare parts.

On the other hand, it seems, that some resellers like memolife/memo in Germany have stopped selling spare parts for now (not even display or battery). Possibly they offer them later, when the first phones are out of warranty? :wink:

Ok, I see! If I may ask, what are your experiences with Fairphone’s repair service?
Thanks again,

I didn’t need a repair yet.

Wow, this “Fairphone 3 Repair price list and FAQ” page is essentially a copy-paste of the Fairphone 2 one, where someone didn’t even bother to change the processor name, battery capacity, etc…

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