Can I buy the minijack piece separately?

I’m having some problems with the minijack of my phone. It sounds mono sometimes. I went to a technical support and they told me they can change the minijack piece, wich is apparently broken. But they told me to buy the piece for myself. We were looking at the first phone parts site, but we couldn’t find this piece.

  1. Can I find the minijack at the parts shop?
  2. Is it included into a bigger part? In this case, wich one should I buy?

Thanks for everything!

Did you check with other headphones? Maybe it’s not the phone, but the headphones?

There can also be a difference in 3/4 pin headsets.
And sometimes (re-) plugging in fast helps.

I really don’t think the mechanics are defect.

Yes. I’ve checked with a few ones. It used to work but it started failing after some months of usage. Now, I have this problem even with the headphones I used when it still worked… and I’ve also checked that the headphones work perfectly in other devices. Looks like a solding problem but I can’t say it for sure.

I’ve tried with different headphones and devices. All the headphones worked perfectly (in stereo) in every device, except in my phone. That’s since it started failing but it was working for months before I started having problems. It looks like my minijack port needs to be replaced. I’ve seen the phone and the diagnostic looks correct. I still believe that what I need is to buy the piece, or the bundle where the piece is included.

Hi there,

I have a similar albeit slightly different issue, in that the various minijacks that I have tend to get unplugged from the FP1U’s minijack socket whereas they used to fit perfectly in it during the 2 first months of use.