Can I buy an FP4 in the UK?


Hi, tried to buy the FP4 but noticed there is no dropdown for the UK market. Bit worried that there is now an import tax due to Brexit. Can anyone clarify ?

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I hope you are aware that it’s only a pre-order so maybe the site isn’t up and running, but I’m in the UK and will check it out :slight_smile:

UPDATE: Click on the highlighted link Netherlands and change the country

There were some difficulties to find the correct handling with buying the FP3 too. First you have to switch to the british shop page, then you can choose a UK destination.

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I want to buy the Fairphone 4 but I’m concerned that I might be hit with a load of taxes on my order on top of the basic cost. Has anyone had experience of this?

I can’t speak for what will happen if you order from the UK, hopefully someone can answer that.
But if worst comes to worst, there is at least one vendor based in the UK. :smiley:


Your concerns might be justified!
Here is some info on shipping and additional costs from the FP homepage:

For Norway, United Kingdom and Switzerland: be aware that extra costs and taxes apply. Not included are:

  • Administrative and handling costs by the shipping carriers
  • Import/customs taxes are not included in the shipping price.

Please read more on extra customs duties and taxes on this UPS page.

Unfortunately the UPS page they are linking to was of no help (to me) whatsoever. :frowning:

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As you see (from what the others contributed) it’s hard to definitely say without first-hand experience. And the latter will only come once the first FP4s are actually delivered in the UK. I would recommend – if you can wait – to watch out on this forum from mid-November.


Thanks everyone, @urs_lesse I was thinking I might just have to wait and see. I’m kind of glad you confirmed that. One more reason to hate Brexit!


Maybe this homepage of the UK government is more helpful:

What I make of it, you might have to pay 20% VAT and 2.5% customs duty on the total (price plus postage and packaging). If that would be correct (I don’t take responsibility for accuracy), you would have to pay for the FP4 in addition to the 499 GBP 112.28 GBP VAT and customs plus a service fee to UPS.
Shopping with a reseller in the UK might be much more convenient. :wink:

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You can buy within the UK at the same price

UPDATE: Just called Clove and the Phone Coop. Neither are expecting until mid November

NOTE: @Monkeygal If you buy the phone from a third party as above you will have to register the phone with Fairphone to get the extra 3 years warranty


Ah that’s useful thanks. I bought my last FP2 from the Phone Coop but I saw they weren’t stocking the FP4 yet. That’s great to know they’ll have it soon. My FP2 is fading fast after many years of loyal service but mid-Nov isn’t too much longer to wait.



With the loss of shipping from Fairphone to UK, I am screwed. I live in Australia, and shipped parts to my sister in the UK, who mailed them onwards. I think I am going to have to give up and buy a Samsung.

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What kind of loss of shipping are you referring to?
As @amoun already pointed out above the UK can be selected as a shipping destination in the Fairphone shop, and you might ask e.g. Clove whether they plan to stock more Fairphone 4 stuff than the one Fairphone 4 model they are currently listing …


There’s really no reason to assume Fairphone can’t ship to the UK. They have a UK VAT number which is linked to a London address belonging to the BDO accountancy firm. I presume they’re the ones taking care of the paperwork and import duties for Fairphone, and as far as I know BDO knows what they’re doing.


Hi and welcome to the forum.

Fairphone are selling both to resellers and individuals in the UK.

There are no spares for the FP4 yet and short supply of all FP4 versions, so even the resellers only give a possible date for availability.

Meanwhile here is a screen shot of my attempt to buy a case for delivery to the UK ~ all OK

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