Can i buy a Fairphone T-Shirt?


it is possible to buy a Fairphone T-Shirt? i really like the logo.
And i think it would be great way to get the interest from another people.

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Many #localcommunities have T-shirts to giveaway. If you attend a local event you could probably get one.
I don’t think there are currently many plain Fairphone-logo T-shirts out there, but I’m sure you’ll like some of the available designs too.


Which logo do you mean?

This is Fairphone’s official “logo” (just the lettering):

This is the Fairphone Community logo (so it does not stand for Fairphone as a company):

Either way, Fairphone does not sell T-shirts. Community events can sometimes get T-shirts. The current blue shirts feature the slogan “Change is in my hands” on the front and just a small “Fairphone” lettering on the back (near the collar).

The Fairphone Community design is available for everyone for free here:


Thank you! That helps me a lot.

I still have a spare small T-shirt with “female” cut with the above mentioned layout.

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which layout? community or Fairphone logo?

Front: “change is in my hands”
Back: tiny “Fairphone”

It’s fun walking the streets on Fridays with this T-shirt :wink:

Would like to have it for my girlfriend. Send you a PM.

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