Can Fairphone 5 handle the sound pressure of a gig?

I like to use my phone at gigs (I do social media) and disappointingly the FP3 mic can’t handle the sound pressure. Can fp5?

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You might like to follow this topic, there may be updates on FP5 recording performance with high ambient sound levels.

With the FP3 did you try taping some cotton wool over the mic?

The linked topic is about the FP4?

Yes it is. However, the conversation touches on the possibility of adopting the FP5 in lieu if it performs better.

I’ll tested it, and the same issue on 5 as 3…


Never used it, however someone said with this app ypu can manually adjust audio input…

Hmm Sorry the App has very bad response, don’t now if its good for my phone to try it…

You can also try Open Camera (F-Droid or Play Store). Check out this post:

Some people reported that it worked for them… at least for some time! :crossed_fingers:

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