Record a concert, sound issue

Hello everyone, I am writing because I have a problem with the FP4 microphone.

When I record a video at a concert (so a lot of crowds, various background noises and loud music) the recorded sound does not live up to expectations and is very distorted (above all the bass) only during quieter or more acoustic sessions the quality is acceptable.
Anyone else having my same problem? solutions?

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Have a look here

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Hi, thanks but already tried Opencamera (with also other issue with autofocus) and gcam-port (It freezes sometimes…) with no luck.

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Same for me, the sound quality issue currently still persists. With the announcement of FP5 I was actually wondering if I should switch because of it.

I’m thinking too to buy the fp5 the next year, also due this issue…


i’ve noticed that my Fairphone 4 tends to excessively overload the microphone in loud environments such as festivals and concerts. This results in recordings of the surroundings being practically unusable.
Has anyone else experienced similar issues?
Are there any solutions or settings that can help address this problem?
I would appreciate any tips or insights from your experiences!

Greetings Max

Please have a look above and linked topics

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