Can anyone recommend a good mail app for FP3?

Good Open Source E-mail apps

  • K-9 mail
  • FairEmail
  • BlueMail
  • R2Mail2 (Client my be aquired directly from developer on request)

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Hi there,

I’m switching my mail from main stream not-so-fair provider to a more fair provider. Can anyone recommend an emial app for FP3 for a generic mail host?


You could try k9 mail (a classic) or fairmail, somewhat more modern


I hope it doesn’t sound redundant, but those would have been my recommendations, too.

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I’m using BlueMail for 2 years now, I tried k9 for a while, good piece of tech, but strange useability and look.

In case you are also looking for a host, the fair go-to options are

I’m using fairmail with multiple accounts and it works pretty well.
I really recommend it.

Hope this helps and let us know what you chose !


OK, thannnks. This one I also found on some top-10 lists, but I wanted to be sure that one is cooperating well with FP.

Installed this one and its working as a charm!


Nope not looking for a host, im switching my big-bad-data-scrutiniser-mail to hosted mail.

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I would have recommended AquaMail, but since I bought the key for the Pro features, they raised the price in a big way. It’s sold for €21,99 now. So I explicitly recommend not to buy it.

I think that feature- and UI-wise both Gmail and Microsoft Outlook are simply superior. But since most of you guys here try to stay away from GAFA, you might want to check out FairMail:


One more vote for FairEmail here!


Which ones? Three of them? K9-mail, Fairmail and BlueMail? I’m asking because I’m thinking of installing other mail apps to add other mail accounts and I’d like to know too.

Thanks in advance.

There was only one response when I had posted: K-9 and Fairmail

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I was curious about BlueMail since I hadn’t heard about it before - and found this: ; so apparently at least in some previous versions it used to transmit username&password of your mail account as well as mail headers to servers of its developers…

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After using K9 a few years I switched to FairEmail last year. It works a lot faster, has all the features that I need. The search works really good. Did I mention, that it is fast? :wink:

You can get pro features for just a few Euros for all your devices. Since our household uses it and is happy I donated 20 Euros - totally worth it.

You can have many accounts, different update schedules per account. Configurable swiping, sending delays, different identities and aliases, filter, rules and new features pour in regularily. You get it via PlayStore, F-Droid or GitHub.

FairEmail is great!


Update (8.3.2018): Blue Mail Inc. has rolled out another Update, to version In this version, we did not observe transmission of password and username with a connected gmx account.

I also would recommend FairEmail. No dependency to Google Play Store (if you want). Will be further developed …


Protonmail a Swiss mail app, very safe.

@schmulschubiak yes, that’s why I wrote “at least in some previous versions” - but I could have pointed out more clearly that they are not doing it in the current version, you’re right.

I don’t want to bash BlueMail too much here, I really know little about it. But the question one should ask, in my eyes, is; Why did they collect username/password in the first place? You can call me paranoid, but the fact that they at one point did this, rules out using the app for me; because either they did this on purpose (for whatever reasons - I see no legitimate ones), or indicates taht they might have shoddy development practices (or how would you name inadvertently sending the most sensitive data in the whole app to another server as the one where it is required). In both cases, I would rather stay away from it.
I don’t know (the linked page at least doesn’t say) whether they stopped extracting email addresses out of the headers; at least their privacy statment doesn’t mention it, so it could be safe now.

Their communication about it once this was found out speaks volumes, too.

Nothing along the lines of
“Our sincerest apologies to our users. We didn’t realise there was some debugging code left in the released App. We are, of course, willing to testify to authorities that the transmitted data wasn’t used for any purpose, it was just sitting on our server. We perfectly understand this is bad enough as it is. We have thoroughly reviewed our development process so that something like this should not be possible to happen again. We have ordered an independent audit of our code, the results of which will be published as soon as possible.”

No, just something like
“The current version doesn’t do it anymore.” …
“Ok, now the current version doesn’t do it anymore. By the way, we are the best and others should follow our example.” (Original message is here.)

An exemplary company you want to trust :slight_smile: .