Can a stolen fairphone be located?

My fairphone, that I had been waiting for so long, was stolen during a housebreaking.
Does anybody know if it can be located?

If it’s a very dumb thief and if you’re lucky, the Android Device Manager might be of some use:

Log in with your Google credentials and the site will tell you where your device is located.

I’ve heard plenty of stories of people having located their stolen phone and the police doing nothing at all with that information though.



that deepens on the configuration of your Fairphone. If you have installed some Securety Software (Virus Scanner) they will bring a location servis in most cases. Do to the Developer Homepage and login with your Data.
Maybe you have installed the google services and activated the “Device Manager” then you can locate your Handy by using this Page.

That’s the technical Option, an other one is the Social one. Fairphone is a very rare product. Hold an eye on E-Bay, maybe somebody try to sell your Phone there. The police may be interested in a hint with the a given link.

I hope you will get your Fairphone (and everything else) back.



Thanks for your answer, Shiny!

Thanks for your answer,Jerry!