Camera (video) starts to record and stops within a second

Hi everyone.

I haven’t really used the video recording function before yesterday evening(During a choir event in Helsinki: ) when I found out it didn’t work.

So far, I tried the phone’s own camera app, as well as Cinema FV-5.
I press the record button, it runs for less then a second, then switches itself off.
Holding the button for longer doesn’t work.
In addition to that, while using the second app, I push the record button, it is on for a fraction of a second, then “pling”, it is off again. And while using FV-5, another completely unrelated app’s dialogue appears on the screen, as if I’ve switched off the volume, and asks me when to turn it on again.

I searched the forum for similar topics, but couldn’t find any. Any other users with the same problem? Any ideas on how to move forward?

Greetings, Anne

Hi Anne,

just for the sake of clarification, does the recording stop or does the app crash? Might be a memory issue…

I have no experience with Cinema FV-5 but use CameraMX instead. But in some camera apps (for example CameraMX) you can choose the default storage for photos and videos (not so in the default camera app). Try to save a video in a location where there is plenty of free memory and see if you can take longer videos then…

Greetings, Jochen

Thanks Jochen.

I downloaded Camera Mx, and my phone silencer kept popping up again. So I just de-installed the “Phone Silencer” app, and voilà, video works like a charm.

I guess those two apps and functions somehow weirdly got their wires crossed.

Thanks for helping out!