Camera stopped working

My wife just called me and saying that she can’t take a foto with her FP3. The app closed immediately and after rebooting the preview remained black. Clearing app storage only brought back the app closing. Anyone experiencing similar problems or knows a solution? Earlier this morning I was able to take a picture.

Sounds like a problem with the camera. To distinguish between camera and app problem it’d be good to try with an alternative photo app (like OpenCamera).

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Just tried open camera and the screen remains black, same as with the WhatsApp camera.

You might try to *reseat" the camera module then.

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Removing the battery for a brief moment does the trick. The camera was working for a week and today out of a sudden it stopped working again. Force closing the app and rebooting the phone didn’t help. After removing the battery the camera was up and running again.
What is the best way to get in contact with Fairphone on this? This should result in a RMA if no quick solution is possible.

Removing the battery did not solve the problem.
However both Open Camera and WhatsApp Camera do work.
So happily the camera module is OK (although the phone got wet lately, then disassembled and dried).
I note that the Fairphone OS version is from december 5, and that there is a newer version from december 28 . So I’ll upgrade…

Your post sounds like you are experiencing a solvable problem with the most recent (5 December) update. Find a solution here:


Thanks Urs, indeed
Settings > Apps > Camera > Storage > Clear Storage
solved the issue !

And “Clear Storage” did not delete my photos.