Camera shutter delay

Same here since a few weeks. On e/OS/ build e_FP4-userdebug 11 RQ3A.211001.001 eng.root.20220628.065528 dev-keys

I’ve tested it with HDR on and off and it doesn’t make a difference - good thinking though!

No change since the update - I notice the video is a little more stable now, I suspect that might have been in the update as it was hella shaky before.


That sounds similar

Do you use an SD card? You can test another App, like Open Camera or a Gcam Port

It’s writing to internal memory not the SD card.

Thanks for the suggestion, I tried Open Camera but the performance is the same. I think its the processing time to adjust the autofocus and light settings because if I’m moving around or there is movement in the scene the delay is longer.

I think I just have to accept that the Fairphone camera is not as good as other flagships in the market, which concurs with online reviews of the phone. It’s a shame that as per usual the ‘Green’ option comes with sacrifices :man_shrugging:


To say nothing of “Fair”. Inevitably (?) true in today’s world but let’s not start an off-topic discussion here :wink:
Do feel free to look around the forum, you’ll find other topics where you can discuss this …

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I notice this too, but only irregular. I think it has to do with loading stuff into memory. Sometimes the camera stutters for a brief moment when starting.

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I experienced the same and switched back to my iPhone since the camera system is way much better. As a fresh dad valuable memories get lost when the camera does not respond at the second you need it to.


I have the same with my FP4.
Not just with photo’s, the same with video.
Super annoying when you want to send a happy birthday message from your kid to grandparents “…py birthday opaaaaaaa”

Stock app, no HDR, SD+internal memory combined, but the SD card is more than fast enough.

I’ve also had the same, that I wanted to capture a moment, but the FP4 fought me and the moment passed before I could snap a picture. But to be honest, it hasn’t happened for a while now. The auto focus has improved as well. The only thing that bothers me is that the camera starts with the last used camera. So now that the camera loads fast, sometimes it loads the camera in selfie mode. The Pixel phones always started with the back camera and it was easy to quickly switch, you just had to wiggle the phone. Not saying that Pixels are the best… Just sharing a comparison that even though my impression is that things have improved with the FP camera, there are sometimes still hurdles to overcome in these in the moment situations :slight_smile:

I have the same problem. Disabling HDR doesn’t help, it’s still slow. The only thing that helps is switching to Pro mode and lowering the shutter speed. GCam works absolutely fine and manages to take the photo as quickly as it always did. I think they must have messed something up in the last update.

Same here. Instant photo with Gcam, 1 second delay with native app.

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I looked at GCam but couldn’t easily work out which version to use. Also concerned as its open source it might be buggy or risk security problems…

Please see here

Gcam is not open source as far as I know, so far I have nevertheless not heard about security issues

Not all versions work the same on all devices, so yes some might be buggy on the FP4 or become buggy with updates, however then you can just try another version

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Strange, mine works instant. Just checked outdoors. Maybe it’s indoors mostly? If so, I didn’t really notice it.

Edit: Just tested indoors, it’s slightly slower in certain conditions. I think it has to do with low light conditions. If it improves quality, it’s a trade off I can live with. But if it can be improved, it would be great.

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Ah right it’s ported, not open source. Even more likelihood of bugs / incompatabilities then. For me it’s not worth the effort going through versions, installing, debugging etc. I think I’ll just live with it until Fairphone notice and fix it.
Thanks though :slight_smile:

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How to speed up the shutter speed of the camera? Different app?

Action mode in the scene options may improve it. But at a cost of other quality properties. You may experiment with other apps. But don’t forget to #contactsupport and share your story with them. Fairphone may then improve it if enough people contact them. Camera improvements are still coming. But what they exactly are is not fully known.

Sadly I have betrayed the cause and got myself a Pixel 7 Pro. The camera is just not up to scratch. If fairphone want to compete with the mainstream they need to massively improve the camera and charge more for the phone if necessary. Perhaps they never hope to compete with mainstream flagships, but there must be a bunch of people who would be persuadable :confused:

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When they want to compete with Pixel phones ,how much would a FP cost? Doubt thats a feasible approach, still there might be some room for improvement reg the cam software


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