Very slow camera app when taking pictures

I have a new Fairphone 4, and I really like it.
The only thing bothering me is the slow camera.

When I press the capture button, it waits a few seconds before the shot is taken.
Is not sure if this is a Fairphone or an android problem.

Any tips on how to make the camera app more responsive?

Do you use an SD-card to store you pictures? Because I store pictures on my internal storage, it’s fast. It only lags a bit when shooting a 48MP photo. Your SD-card could be slow, if you use that of course.

Hi and welcome to the forum.
Are you using the default camera app and anyway check to see if HDR+ is enabled, especially HDR+ (Enhanced)

HDR type take a number of shots with differing ‘values’ and then process them to a single image. As the initial processing is done on the camera chip it creates a time buffer before you can shoot again as well as delaying the output.

HDR is instant on a Fairphone 4. I’m not sure it really makes a difference though in quality on the FP4. But that’s another discussion :nerd_face:

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I would have thought that may be a slow write to but I see no reason to take a few seconds before the shot is taken, unless it’s a subsequent shot taken quickly after the first.

Hopefully the OP hasn’t set a delay.


Using the default app, often, no picture is taken when touching the capture button.

Maybe it is an app configuration issue?
I will test with another app. any suggestion?

I don’t use an sdcard.

I can’t check the app config as I use an FP3

Yes I use Nikita for Android 10 and up

Thanks for the reply!
I don’t use an sd-card.

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I looked into it and HDR is not activated.