Camera quality difference of FP3 and 3+


I was wondering if there is a nice side by side difference of the camera quality. There are for the FP2 and FP3, but can’t find one between the FP3 and 3+.

I’m suspecting that the problem isn’t the hardware, but mostly the software. Since the Pixel 3a has the same camera as the FP3 and makes great pics.

Does anyone know of a nice review of these 2 cameras?

There is no official announcement of a FP4, yet…

True, but it’s quite likely one will be coming. Regardless of that, it would be nice to see a side by side comparison of these cameras.

True, but “when released” still applies, it’s coming somewhen … picture leak.

It seems to me that it really came down to the camera App for making more of a difference, here’s a topic of interest …


All true, I just wanted to say that reviews for products not officially released are hard to find…

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FP3 and the 3+ are released luckily :nerd_face: I just gave some background info. I’ll remove it from the top post to avoid further off topic replies

Yeah, but an FP4 review isn’t necessary and wasn’t asked for.

This method will be highly speculative and not much better than guesswork anyway … but perhaps fun :wink: .

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If that was not meant for a FP4, I sincerely apologize…

This was referring to the FP3 and FP3+ cameras the way I understood it.
But in the meantime @UPPERCASE edited it to make it more clear now in the first post.

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Do you mean something like


Thanks! There are some replies there with indeed the difference between the old and new physical camera.

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