Camera problems (streaks & flickers)

Wow. That’s an interesting observation.
You should definitely report it to the support team!

I’m really not into that kind of stuff but…could it be connected to the voltage being higher or lower thus producing more heat in certain areas of the sensor thus creating those streaks?!

yeah. That might be possible since heat may increase the noise a sensor experiences.


This seems hopeful, even though it means the camera wont provide good results in say battery saver (unless you alter the mode). A change of the handling of the camera app and maybe RAW-support and I will be very happy =).

Would be nice to have this confirmed with some of the mods/devs/other user, since this might not be easy to find out even if you’re looking for it.

A thought though, shouldn’t this issue be visible also for different phone makes? Or might it be that the OS (I’m guessing this has more with android to do than the fairphone specific additions? ) code in combination with this specific hardware is a bad combination?

Now after 8 days with a working camera thanks to Kernel Adiutor and the “performance” governor let me add the following.

  1. This works with every camera app I tested.
  2. The phone didn’t have a single unwanted reboot since day one. Before it had one roughly every three to four days.
  3. To save energy I tried to set the max CPU frequency to 1497 with truly acceptable performance.

I have to admit, that I am still running the initial firmware 1.1.7.
Can someone confirm if the camera is working fine in 1.2.8?


I’m on 1.2.8 .Even though it did not say anything about the camera in the update information it seems to be working much better. I’ve tried to replicate the old behaviour but so far no ugly streaks (yes!). I’ve tested good and bad light scenarios as well as ‘battery saver’ and normal. Both camera MX and stock camera works just fine.

Can someone else confirm?

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I’m on 1.2.8 almost all my photos have streaks. Very annoying, cannot use these pictures.
Any more news on a solution or do i need to carry a extra camera with me?

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I suggest trying the new FPOSOS. It will get released shortly and be easily rootable from what I have read. Then you can try to solve the problem by adjusting the CPU frequencies and the governor.
My own FP2 runs perfectly using this method since the beginning of April.

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Yesterday I installed the new googlefree FPOSOS.
Basically I’m really happy with the new software on my FP2 but unfortunately my camera showed the same behavior as in 1.1.7 and produced these coloured lines and streaks.

I rooted it in a second with a click in the developer options and applied the fix as outlined above. Now it continues to take clean pictures again :slight_smile:

Just wanted to share.

After a couple of weeks I have also noted that the lines appear again, but much less frequent than before the update. Both during battery saver and during normal mode. Would be interesting if the devs or someone else could confirm s99hs observations with the low CPU freq.

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Indeed. @keesj: Is this observation by @s99h helpful?

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Since I updated to 1.2.8 I’ve experienced much less of the streaks and flickers as well. However in difficult lighting conditions they still appear from time to time.

My FP2 camera has the same problem described. [quote=“Martin_Rhodes, post:1, topic:11840, full:true”]
Hi, just wondering if anyone else was having problems with the video function on FP2? When try to make a video there are long streaks and flicker across the image.

I have the same problem and another one: The focus makes every 10-15 seconds a little jump so that is not really possible to make a usable video. I changed the camera module but there is no change. Also the streaks and flicker are still there.

I have the same problem while recording videos; the camera tries to focus continuously although the camera already found focus. It will find focus faster if i touch the screen, but a couple of seconds later it will start again. As fairjuan states, the recorded videos are pretty much useless.

There’s an entire topic on videos being blurry (linked below), though the description you give may be slightly different:

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The 1.4.2 update mentions improvements to image quality - not sure whether this also means less streaks and flickers. Any experiences?

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I’d say the streaks are less in 1.4.2 / 16.06.

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