Camera Panorama focus?

The panorama function seem to work great, but out of focus. Maybe low resolution?. Any of you having the same issue?

@ModularKing Having the same issue with

  • Google Camera App
  • the new camera module
  • latest LineageOS
  • just in panorama mode

with the old camera module i had no problem under LineageOS while panorama making.
Switching the panorama resolution (hight/medium/low) did not solve the problem.

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Same here (under Fairphone OS 17.09.3) - and it really bothers me as I love panorama mode. Gonna open a support ticket on this.

It is apparently fixed in the current beta build. Will be released soon if no issues arise.


FP OS 17.10.1 is released now and the issue is fixed in panorama mode… only. So, using “Photo Sphere” mode is still a blurry mess. I hope, they’ll fix this in 17.10.2…

Unfortunately, I have to correct myself. Focussing in “Panorama” mode only worked fine for the first test picture after the update. Now, both “Panorama” and “Sphere” are blurry again…

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