Using LineageOS on the FP2


I am sorry for my English which is very bad (I am french).

I received my FP2 on October 4th and I installed twrp-3.1.1-1-fp2 and lineage-14.1-20171004-UNOFFICIAL-FP2.

I have the same problem as you:

  • Random reboot (even without using it).
  • The phone restarts when I turn it off.

Concerning the problem of random reboot, for my part, it does not reboot at night with the airplane mode activated.

I can not find the file / proc / last_kmsg with adb:
“adb shell cat / proc / last_kmsg
/system/bin/sh: cat: /: Is a directory
/system/bin/sh: cat: proc: Is a directory
/system/bin/sh: cat: /: Is a directory
/system/bin/sh: cat: last_kmsg: No such file or directory”

It is cat /proc/last_kmsg (with the only space being after cat).

With the spaces, you try to cat / (which is a directory), then proc (which is a directory), then / again (…), then last_kmsg in the current directory (where there is no such file because it is in the proc directory).

Thank you.
Sorry, I’m really bad.
This is: adb shell cat /proc/last_kmsg

The file is attached:

last_kmsg.pdf (166,2 Ko)

No worries …

  • We were all really bad at this computer stuff once.
  • I’m bad with [insert name of poor little plant barely scraping through life in the corner of your room] instead.
  • I can still remember when I was bad with … wait … now I feel old. Sad.
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  • “Who’s BAD?”

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Have you noticed problems with the focus of the new FP2 camera? Since I switched to the new FP2 camera, I have the feeling that the autofocus does not work optimal.

(14.1-20171016-UNOFFICIAL-FP2, Baseband 4437.1-FP2-0-07)

Problems in general, or in panorama mode?

I think I have a similar problem. Every picture I take seems to be slightly out of focus.

EDIT: The problem seems mainly to occur with ‘OpenCamera’. In the Lineage Camera App the focus works fine and the picture is taken much quicker.

EDIT2: Figured it out… For some reason the scene mode was set to ‘HDR’ (under SCENE MODE… not ‘Photo Mode’). After switching to ‘Auto’, pictures are in focus and taken much faster also in OpenCamera


I think problems in general. Is there any fairphone reference images of the new camera for comparison?

For the poeple watching this topic. See this annoucement:


how can I reliably remove root/su so that I run my banking apps on LineageOS?
Afterwards I will try to install systemless Xposed by means of Magisk as Xposed is now released for Android Nougat.

Just update to the official release and don’t flash the su addon.


I disabled the root access under Developer options and installed Magisk instead and activated Magisk hide for my banking app. This works very well so far.


I disabled it too but no affect. That is properly due to the fact I flashed su addon. How about you?

can I undo the flash of the su addon as the Official LineageOS is perfect yet.

You could try the arm su removal for 14.1 from Lineage, but still I would still suggest just going official. The battery drain isn’t that more extreme as the unofficial build.

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If you don’t need root anywhere else, don’t install the su addon. However, if you want to be able to toggle it on and off ( e.g. for Titanim Backup, or for Amaze root access to / files, …) then I suggest iSu : very simple ( one single app, no need of Magisk/Exposed), it has the button “Change SU state” and when this button is OFF it’s not detected by my bank app :smiley:


I hope I have time to do so on the weekend

Xposed moduls allows me to do much more, not only in the sense of privacy and apps permission. I think of OS customization etc.
In particular it allows to run apps (e.g. Amplify ) what hopefully allows me to improve battery life.

Another one gone official today. Flashed with su and opengapps, phone is encrypted


I’ve seen the official instructions require you to install root if you need it. In the official release, can you still enable developer settings by the usual method? And if so, is root still an option in there?

(Applications) Developer Settings are always included because are part of AOSP/Android. Root access config inside Developer Settings is only included if you flash the su addon in Lineage OS, though. But it’s just a one-time install —it’ll survive OTA updates from then on.