Camera no longer saving raw photos?

It seems that my native camera app stopped taking raw photos. I can´t be sure this is the reason but it seems that this happened after updating to software Version: 8901.4.A.0017.3-gms-15368f27 Security Patch Level: 5th of October, 2022, which returned the voice recorder that was missing.

I have the camera on pro mode and the RAW chosen, but camera saves only JPEGs not RAW. Only like 2 weeks ago the camera saved two photos, JPEG and RAW version, when using pro and raw modes.

Can anyone with FP3(+) and that update installed try if they have the same problem? In case you don´t know, you recognise raw photos from regular JPEG from the little aperture icon on top of the photo in photos app, and when you open the photo and have a look at the details, it should say .dng instead of .jpeg.

Confirmed. I will pass this on to the beta team, you may like to contact support officially too.


Thanks again @anon9989719 . I already added this to my previous ticket about the problems with the camera app.


I think I may have found a solution, just checking as I have found some DNGs

The top right icon RAW when tapped to enable seems to go a little yellow then it saves as DNG. The yellow isn’t easy to see in any reasonable light.







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Hi @anon9989719 ! Yes, in order to take RAWs, you have to tap the little RAW-icon in the top right corner. However, I don´t see a DNG-folder in my photos-app. How did you find that?

I´ve been mailing back and forth with support about this and we tried switching to safe mode. I found out that although the raws shot in a safe mode don’t appear in the photos app while still in safe mode, when I switch back to normal from safe mode, raws shot in safe mode pop up in the photo app. Weird.

My photo app isn’t the default it’s Gallery from the F-Droid repository

but one drawback is that the camera app doesn’t connect to the Gallery so I can’t view the images via the icon in my photo app which by the way is a Nikita GCam install. It does work with the default camera app.

Woohoo! I got a new software update today and it seems that it fixed both the issues with the camera (slow-mo and RAWs).


I take this back. There´s still definitely somethin wrong with the RAW-photos. SloMo seems to work, but it RAW´s don´t show up in photos after taking them, but might pop up after a day or two.

My Raw images were in the default dng folder using the default camera as well as the jpg one in the Camera folder

Where do you save to, internal or portable(not internal) SD card

I don’t use the default Photos app I use Simple Gallery

Well in my default camera app (which I use) settings it says the storate is SD card. However, when I go to my photos app (the default app) I see two folders called Camera. One with the SD card symbol and one without, and all the photos I´ve taken with the default camera app are in both the folders. However, the RAW-photos are only in the one that doesn´t have the SD-card symbol. Also, when I take a photo using raw settings it takes two photos, one Jpeg and one DNG, as it should. The JPG pops up in the SD card Camera folder immeidately, but in might take hours, even days before the DNG appears in the internal storage camera folder.

My guess is that for some reason it just takes a huuuuge amount of time for the phone to build that RAW-file, although it shouldn´t, and when it´s done, the files are shown in the internal storage folder.

Yes the dng is on the internal memory, but it only took an extra second to be available.

Have you tried clearing the cache for the Camera app?
How much memory do you have?

I have about 4 gb of internal storate available. Did try to clear the camera cache (not the camera storage) but it didn´t help. If I take only normal JPG´s, the camera works just fine and the photos are seen immediately, but when I turn on the pro mode, the problems appear.

4Gb of internal is low.

You can remove other caches and move some camera storage to the SD.

I moved files from internal to SD and cleared caches. Now I have about 5,3 gb free space, which means about 8%. If nearly tenth of the capacity is too little, it really makes you wonder.

That had no effect. Also, I can´t see the folder that used to have the DNGs anymore in my photos app. But maybe that is because I moved all the DNGs to the SD from there and now the folder is empty.

I am calling it. The camera in FP is sheit. I don´t mean the quality of the photos, that´s another issue but the way it works or doesn´t work. I had issues with it in FP2 (it used to take ages to open. When using the quick open by double clicking the power switch it actually tooks so long to open the camera, that the lock screen went back on) and now I have issues with FP3+. You just cant trust the camera in these.

Strange you have such a delay, given I don’t.

The memory issue is questionable as you will note from the links.

I have two FP3s with over 40Gb left on the internal memory, so it’s a lot different.

How about RAM?

Maybe you have a lot of apps that ‘steal’ RAM. I’m using 2.7 of 3.8

Where do I see the RAM usage?

Enable Developer Options via

Settings > About Phone > Tap the Build number seven times to enable


Settings > Developer options > Memory


2,7/3,8 in use so no difference to yours.


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