Camera isn't detecting activation graphic (for online Banking)

I have eben using several Android Smartphones in the past (Shiftphone, Huawei, Sony etc); and with all of them I was able to identify myself within the digital banking application of my bank Provider (Comdirect).

Nevertheless, since I use my Fairphone 5, the camera is simply not detecting/decoding the graphic that I need to scan with my camera to identify myself for the first time.
I thought the app itself might be the issue, but it still works out for other devices, also re-installing didnt’t Work Out. I wonder what I could do about it, the camera seems to struggle with QR Codes in general but I’m not Sure if it’s related.
Does anything have similar issues?
Any advice to help Out? The app is called comdirect photoTAN App.
Thanks to everyone

Hi and welcome.

I amended the title a bit, as QR code is more common, or isnt it a QR code you try to scan?

Is it as described here not focussing?

Despite this first WA attempt I never had issues, just yesterday I scannned 5-10 QR codes.

What did you use to try? Browser, Google Lens…

Correct, the camera is not focussing… And behaving like it was no QR Code/ Graphic at all.

The graphic I try to scan Looks like this:

Is this describing the same or a different process? Did you get new code to scan?

I think, the QR Code is to old and expired. You have to apply for a new Activation Code. Than Comdirect App will accecpt and work fine.

I already ordered a new activation code, but unfortunately, the same issue

Sometimes, I’d the camera doesn’t focus, I learned that starting the regular camera, focusing, and going back to the qr scanning app helps.
BTW, the activation code (at least from comdirect, the one on paper) never expires and can be used much later for re-registration or new devices. That’s why you should be careful with it

Thanks for all your replies.
It finally worked out now - and i totally dont know why. But i tried several times with artificial light and this time with “normal” light it worked well.

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