Camera IDs on /e/ and some genereal camera questions

I have some general questions regarding the FP4 and the default camera app on /e/.

  1. The stock app has a button which allows to switch between different camera IDs. I have ID:0, ID:2 and ID:3.
    ID:2 is the wide angle camera. But what is the difference between 0 and 3? And why is there no ID:1?

  2. If I go into the camera app settings, the screen always rotates to landscape (even with automatic turn, turned off, in the general settings). Did I miss a setting which controls this behavior within the app?

  3. The /e/ default camera app is a port/adaption of the “Open Camera” App. And is thanks to the /e/ people that I can use the different camera IDs right? Or is there somewhere a setting I missed in the “Open Camera” App to activate the usage of the different IDs?

Thanks for any hints, on any of these questions.

I can just tell you as answer to 3:
They /e/ rom use opencamera and due to bad fairphone OpenSource support no other rom than stock is able to use the full potential of the fairphone 4 cam.

Please write a Email to the fairphone Support. They really need to fix that!

I am not sure if this is an answer to my question. I asked if /e/ modified the opencamera app, to allow using the different IDs. From your answer I just get the information I stated myself. That /e/ uses the opencamera app.

But yeah, a better general support of the camera from different apps would be nice.

I would say, the best is you ask the /e/ developers.
Who else should know that?

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Well, this forum has a lot of tech savvy people who often know a lot more answers to questions, one initially might expect.

Have you checked out the e community?

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