Camera glass cracked

Recently, the protective glass cover on my FP3 camera (48 MP model) got a crack that unfortunately produces reflections in the images. Otherwise, the camera is working fine.

Does anyone have experience with exchanging the glass? Where would I find a spare part? Or do I have to replace the entire camera module?

Appreciate your feedback.

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I think the most realistic approach would be to find a cheap or free other FP3 camera module (more likely 12 MP) and figure out if you can “transplant” the internals into the housing of the other module. It’s not exactly instructions, but iFixit’s teardown and especially the high-resolution photo versions (see the :information_source: symbol in the photos’ top right corners, then choose “Original”) from Steps 8 and 11 might provide some insight into how this might work:

Just to make sure, I have no idea if the 48 MP camera works in the 12 MP module housing. But if you find a way to open the module without damaging it, you might be able to reverse the procedure.

P.S.: Beware this list might be outdated, but anyway, have a look: ✏ List of people selling or giving away their FP3(+) camera modules


Just a quick follow-up: I have managed to purchase a used 12MP camera with intact glass cover. Putting the camera into the new housing was a matter of minutes. Obviously, the camera has been designed with repairability in mind. Just unscrew the old sensor, and put it into the new housing. Easy!


Congratulations! :+1: So I take it the phone recognizes the Camera+ in the 12 MP camera housing? :slight_smile:

It does indeed, as the connector goes straight to the sensor part of the camera module. So the main board shouldn’t notice a difference. It looks like the housings are identical. My first tests with the camera went fine.


Marking @JohnfromY who might be interested in such a fix/transplant as well.

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