Camera focus not working when I zoom in

My FP2 camera has developed an issue with focus. When I zoom in it loses focus. I am not sure if this is a new problem or has been happening all the time because I have only noticed it recently. I have emailed support but thought I’d ask here also. Thanks

Have you already tried with a different camera app (e.g. OpenCamera)?

I am using OpenCamera on my FP2 (1st camera) and also observed that the images are out of focus if I “zoom in”, ever since. Work around is not to zoom in. Actually, this “zooming” just means that the number of pixels is reduced, there is no optical zoom. Thus picking the right part of the image can also be done on a computer.

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Thanks but I actually want to zoom in when taking a picture to get the correct framing.

Hi Volker, yes different apps have no effect on this problem.

What happens when you tap on the area you want to have in focus? Doesn’t it refocus then? I think it’s helpful if the camera can find clear structures in this area.

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