Camera experience on FP4

go and have a look at the topics linked above.

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Thanks, but is there any short trouble shooting?

No time for scrolling through tons of photos and answers (i tried).

I’m a user as well and neither have time to summarize this for you… overall note, this is a user forum and no official support.


Ok, my research brought me to Pro Camera X and FV-5.

Both apps have their advantages - FV-5 brings more features to the cam (for example long exposure up to 60s), but it don’t seems to be able to use the OIS. For that you have different meter modes (multizone, integral, spot, …)

For this Gcam thing I’m not smart enough - I need apps that I can install via the Google playstore.

Ok, I do some reseach and there seems to be some alternatives for the (in my eyes) useless camera app.

So i need some simple advise for a camera app, that:

  • has a simple user interface for setting shutter speed and ISO easily
  • don’t need google photo as gallery app (I’m using DV gallery)
  • can use the OIS
  • can use both cameras (the main and wide angle one)

I read a lot about this gCam thing, but I’m not into this thing and it don’t seems to be something like opening the playstore and installing an app. so is there a short explaination for that? How save is it? I don’t using clouds and de-activated the most google apps.

When you do some search in the forum you will see that points 2+4 are not possible or you need to test (open Camera can open via another gallery e.g.)

For 2 just follow the link above for further information.

Reg 4:

Also for GCam Plesse search the forum and read, the information is available and already to be found in the links above

I moved your post to this other topic where you already started the Discussion.

Edit: not sure if you can achieve what you want reg OIS, overall just download some apps and do some Tests,

Here is a link to a version of Gcam
Download and click on downloaded file etc

More options

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Maybe I should tell about my last phone

BQ Aquaris X Pro - from 2017. The camera app was simple but effective. The sensor and lens were ok, but no high tech. Together it was easy to make good pictures. I don’t understand what is the problem five years later to get a fair solution with a much better hardware. The Fairphone cost 650 bucks (twice my old phone), so quality in hard and software should not be an issue. I don’t expect wonders, but a good midclass quality. I’m a photographer - i know what I’m doing in case of photography.

And a second time: I don’t understand this whole app thing above selecting an app from the playstore and installing it. This gCam thing seems to be some more complicated. For this I opened a new topic here. Thanks for puting it into another topic with not that specific reason.

It’s not that arduous.

Download the file, double click to install ???

Try the Nikta one as mentioned

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I assume you already tested the Pro Mode of the installed App where you can set ISO, White Balance, AF etc manually? There is no other way then testing a bit what suits you best, one likes an app for some reason, another one another app for another reason. Apologies, without a bit of reading and testing it will be difficult to find what you are searching for.

In my eyes the quality is good enough in good lightning conditions and I think what one finds good enough is quite subjective…

Here an example from somone who also understands what he is doing in terms of photography

Here some shots (incl Tutorial) shared on Instagram
Fairphone shared a post on Instagram: "All images are #shotonfairphone and edited directly in our camera app. 📱✨

Our Fairphone 4 comes with Dual 48MP rear cameras, F1.6 and 2.2 25MP selfie camera and full HDR support. For a limited time only, when...

Fairphone shared a post on Instagram: "Here’s our fourth and final Fairphone 4 camera tutorial shot by photographer @gautelorentsen. This one focuses on tweaking shooting modes and capturing motion. 📱🪄 

Over the past few days we’ve shared pro tips...

Fairphone shared a post on Instagram: "TUTORIAL 3 ✨: If the terms “grid”, “leading lines” and “rule of thirds” are pretty unfamiliar to you,  then our next tutorial brought to you by photographer @gautelorentsen is going to help you create...

Fairphone shared a post on Instagram: "TUTORIAL 2 ✨: If you’ve taken a good picture, but you want to go from good to great…then look no further. In today’s tutorial, photographer @gautelorentsen shows you which Fairphone 4 editing features will have...


Those are ideal conditions for the Fairphone. Grainy skies, not too much or too low light. No bright colors. The environment is basically tuned to what the FP camera will most it the time produce :slight_smile:

And now?

You need to go to App info of Firefox and enable Install unknown apps.


So I tried the gcam, but there seem to be no chance to choose shutter speed or ISO or HDR or not HDR.

Not my style. I need control about the parameters.

The lite version of Pro Camera X often freezes.
C-FV5 is ok, but somehow not intuitive. Both lack about the wide angle lens.

This can definitely be chosen. I use the one by BSG. Try that one instead of the one by Nikita

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Not sure which gcam you are using. But with Nikita 8.*

But there is still no chance for changing shutter speed or ISO.

Ha! You don’t seem to be very adventurous with the checking the ‘options’ :slight_smile:


I’m just used to more intuitive GUIs :crazy_face:

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So what GUIs (plural) are you used to?