Optical Image Stabilization doesn't seem to work

Recently, I switched from an Iphone 7plus to the Fairphone4. Everything seems to function fine, but I am disappointed about the image stabilization when filming. The Iphone 7plus seemed a lot better. I switched IOS on and off to check whether I could see a difference: nope. Has anyone similar experience?

Could you maybe post a comparison? I find the quality very reasonable. White/color balance could be better though. Welcome to the forum by the way.

I have shots taken by my iphone while cycling. Will try and take the same shots with the Fairphone. That would be the best comparison.

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It’s probably best to hold both the iPhone and Fairphone at the same time while walking. Try to hold both the same way. That way the conditions are the same, also in terms of lighting.

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Here are 2 clips, shot at the same location, same bike, same dog. Only difference is season and phone. Unfortunately I don’t have the iphone anymore so I cannot compare side by side.


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Thanks for the comparison! This does put things in perspective. Have you enabled the EIS setting? Maybe try 1080p? Then it may have more pixels to spare to do the digital stabilization (just a guess).

If this doesn’t help, please #contactsupport and show them this video and explain the issue like you did here. Maybe a future camera update can improve this.

I’ll do soon a similar test and check what my experience is.

Thanks for your suggestions! Indeed EIS was switched ON. But I can’t notice a difference when switched off. Image quality was set at 1080p (30fps). I will contact support and tell them.
Curious about your comparison!


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" Video Stabilization (EIS)" is for video mode only. Electronic Image Stabilization increases the crop factor for video and uses the additional pixels of the sensor for electronic stabilization. That’s not working for images which need the full sensor size.

OIS is most likely enabled automatically based on the capture mode. In Logcat I see some errors regarding OIS but that doesn’t mean much …

I can get reasonable sharp handheld shots in with slow shutter speeds in “Pro” mode, which suggests that some kind of stabilization definitely is active.

EIS definitely seems to make a difference for me in video mode. One thing to be aware of is that it automatically gets turned off if you switch to the Wide Angle Lens in Video mode.

Are you using the stock camera app or a third party app?


Do you use the stock camera? Because that’s not possible with that one.

The selfie camera has a much better image stabilization then the back camera. So hopefully that means some improvement is still possible.

Yes I was referring to the stock camera. What do you mean is not possible?
EIS works in Video Mode, but only for the main camera.

Wide Angle also works in Video Mode (without EIS). But afaik only if you have 1080p 30fps selected. Wideangle get’s disabled for Video Mode if you select one of the other modes. Not sure if other modes than 1080p 30fs work with EIS.


Got it, I always had it set to 1080p with 60 FPS, I didn’t know it was possible to also record with the wide angle lens because of that :nerd_face:

I am talking about EIS in video mode. I didn’t use the ‘wide angle’ mode and video was shot in 1080p. Check for comparison with iphone 7plus: https://photos.app.goo.gl/Q2zzD4kUvKTkQzrC9.

I am using the stock camera app.

If I want to shoot a video of my dog, the selfie-mode is not very useful, so I hope to get better image stabilization with the back camera.

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Seeing your comparison with the iPhone, I think there really seems to be something off. Not sure if the IS of the FP simply isn’t that good or there’s a bug. Haven’t really taken many videos with my FP4 but now that I look at them again, I also have those rather erratic shakes and wobbles. (Also filmed on the bike on smooth tarmac)

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@Christine_Absil Have you contacted the support team? Any news? Still wondering whether the hardware stabilization is off/bad or this is a software issue…

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