Camera doesn't work after upgrade


I got my FP3 one year ago and decided to upgrade my camera and my top module. I switched the top module first as it is done in the tutorials on YouTube. Afterwards I switched the camera module. After booting the FP3 the top module was working but the camera module wasn’t.
I already tried the steps of the troubleshooter without any success.
When I open the camera app the front camera is shown but I can’t switch to the main camera.
The flashlight doesn’t work as well

Is there a possibility that I broke something while switching the module?

Thanks in advance

You may have had a problem with reconnecting the connectors of the camera. See here: Be careful with the connectors when replacing a module


Just to make sure: have you installed the Android 10 Update?

The new camera modules won’t work when you’re still on Android 9.


He said that the top module (with the FFC/Selfie camera) does work, so he must be on A10 already. I guess it must be a connector problem …


Actually I’ve read somewhere they would, but you wouldn’t benefit of the zero-sutter lag and intelligent scene detection features…

Thank you for linking this thread. It actually solved my problem


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