Camera deactivated since update 18.01. 1 - - > solved it was Avira Antivirus

Since the last update to 18.01. 1 my camera is no longer available. The app closes ‘camera deactivated due to security issues’.
SOLVED: Avira Antivir prevented the access. No correlation to the Update, just by accident at the same time.

Has anybody else these problems? Where can I reactivate the camera?

Do you use the new cameras or the old ones? My phone still has the original front & rear camera and I have no issues with either since the update.

Also, do you use the default camera app or another one?

Are you sure about this? This phrase gives exactly 1 Google result (this topic here), which should win you some prize.

“camera disabled because of security policies or is being used by other apps” on the other hand gets over a million hits.

I have the new one since October and I use the standard Google camera app.

Yes there are many topics. I read many, mostly they suggest a complete factory reset but very often even this didn’t help. Due to the fact that thus problem occurred after the update and the update contains camera updates, it seems to me that there is a coincidence.

My point is … So the camera might in fact not be disabled, but in use by another App, which is an entirely different affair.

Did you try to power off the phone and start it again?

–> solved it was Avira Antivirus


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