Camera & Camera2 API - missing features & bugs

I’m not sure what you mean with “at the Beijing”, but IMO the camera is almost completely useless when it comes to taking pictures of things in motion. If everything is completely still, it’s fine.

Depends on what you mean. This topic is mainly about the camera API which is used by 3rd party camera apps. So if your main concern is using an alternative camera app such as GCam or Open Camera, then you should know that some features (e.g., ultra-wide camera, ToF sensor, full 48MP resolution) are still inaccessible.

If your concern is an overall picture quality, then take a look at:

that was : at the begining!
Thanks for your help.
So you think I should rather wait and see ?

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That was: at the begining!!

Thank you for your help!
I mean, I wonder about the basic camera which is in the Fair4. Is it API? Or IMO? I don’t know!

No, API (application programming interface) is used by other applications to access camera hardware. If you are interested in an out-of-the-box experience (i.e., using the stock camera app), then take a look at that topic I mentioned and see if the quality of photos is acceptable to you.

As you will buy your first Smartphone ever, with what are you comparing the pictures? It all depends on what you used before in my eyes and what you mostly take pictures from. Nature in good lightning condution, concerts, Kids, Indoor etc…

I personally are happy with it for my use cases, however I would never rely on a Smartphone camera e.g. during vacations.


ok! I will have a look! Razem.
And thanks a lot Yvmuel, I’m happy to read your advise, it’s exactly what I nead.

At least something seems to have been fixed


Yep, ultra wide angle works fine.

In addition to:

I’ve switched from Nikita 8.2 to BSG 8.7 and was able to find a workaround. If you go to Settings → Configuration of modes → Camera modules → Back (0.6) and set the Surface list option to from HW FULL, the lag goes away.
(cc @noodlejetski @LibrePhoner)


I encounter the lag as well, however cant find this surface list using BSG 8.7 V10…could you share a Screenshot and confirm your exact Version?

V11, but should probably be the same:



The wide angle lens and the normal work fine in OpenCamera. but the resolution is still changed once you switch on HDR. This works fine with Gcam ports.

thanks a lot, so I’m not blind… it was not there in the version I had installed… updated to V11 and now I have it

Btw. as fasr as I can see with latest Nikita 8.2 I cant access the wide angle lense


It works if you set the auxiliary camera in Settings - General - extended (Einstellungen, Abschnitt Allgemein - Erweitert - Hilfskamera). Enable the first and second sensor (Erster und Zweiter Bildsensor). The first is the normal the second the wideangle lense. By setting the icon text you can explicitly name those sensors accordingly


Yeah, looking at the changelog, it seems that they added this option in the last version (V11). What a timing. :smile:


thank you! that worked like a charm.

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but it seems, that the gcam versions perform very different on the wide angle camera.
BSG version often dont capture or crashes but Greatness works fine with far better quality,( if you activate the second camera.)
maybe ill test more versions.

But oberall is the camera quality a bit sad.

I activated widecam in Gcam BSG but can’t find it in OpenCamera. Where is it hidden?

Also interesting to see that stock camera does a good job of removing wide angle distortion while Gcam does record the raw image. (Example)

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