Camera apps for /e/

I noticed that the images I’ve seen from other FP users are a lot better than mine. So I looked the subject up over at /e/'s forum, and found this post: Anyone can tell me their experiences about FP3+? - #10 by FFP3 - Fairphone - /e/OS community

I tried Open Camera, but it’s not much better, and one user said:

Insert: *Well, what can I say, I used “NGCam_7.4.104-v1.8-fix.apk” (see below) as Camera App and… amazing! I usually would NEVER recomend to anyone to download apk’s from other sources than official app-stors or at least f-droid standard repo’s. However this does the job. Really, really good. Please, please dear /e/-Team, try to use a fork of this or similar as deafault

So do any of you have any experience with this apk? Or any other apps that work well on /e/?

I think the corresponding topic here is Pixel camera app / Google Camera Port

My gut feeling is that it doesn’t really matter if it’s /e/ or the stock rom. It’s entirely up to the app.


Thanks, I’ll check it out.

The following is the version of the Google camera port I use, you may like to check it out.

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That app works a lot better, thanks.


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