Camera app problems

I got a fairphone 3+ late last year but it seems to have developed a camera app problem. I used to be able to get around it by clearing the cache and memory and restarting the phone. Now if i open the app, if its on video it goes straight back to the homescreen…if its set on either camera it doesn’t work, no shutter sound and blank photos in ‘Photos’ app
Any suggestions?

Would be useful to know if your Android is up to date v 0077 and have you tried another camera app like open camera or is this problem only apartent on the default camera app.

There’s another similar post, if I find it I’ll edit this with a link.

Are you using an SD card and if so did you format it as internal storage?


I haven’t tried any other camera apps I’ve had a similar message with app stopped working with ‘Drop Box’ and another ‘minfulness app’ I’ve been using. I looked to see if I was using the latest version and couldn’t get any update, it said I was up to date…yes I’ve got a memory card which was formatted but I do get messages saying it’s not inserted prooerly …thanks for your help

You didn’t clarify if the SD card is set as internal storage or not . . . nor what update version you are using Settings > About phone > Build number

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